Muni animal sightings

I saw another Bobcat on the trails today. I was riding on a narrow single track
on a peninsula that juts out into the lake. The cat was sitting in the middle of
the trail sphynxlike at the top of a rise. As I approached to cat just stared at
me, but eventually rose, turned and moved away. As I got to the point where the
cat had been sitting I saw it again about 10 meters away on the hill. After
having spotted a Bobcat a few weeks ago I did a fair amount of research on
Bobcats. This cat was much smaller than the3 first one that I had seen, but was
most definetly a Bobcat. I dismounted and watched the cat as I walked by. It
held it’s position and watched me carefully as well, but not running away.
Seeing as how I have now spotted 2 Bobcats while Muniing it is no longer all
that unique and I will not post any further sightings.

All the best,

John Hooten