I think there have been some threads about this in the past, but I just wanted to hear what the latest news is on MUni during and around UNICON. Besides MUni and Trials competitions, I’m generally interested in exploring the area and doing interesting riding. In particular, it looks like I may be able to stay in Europe for a little while before and and/or after the official UNICON dates, so I’m interested in hearing from anybody who might know places to stay and interesting places to go, or perhaps someone who is up for doing some more extended MUni or climbing trips in the area.


I know that we have plenty of good single trail in Switzerland. A very good site (from Switzerland Tourism, which is available in English as well), that helps finding detailed descriptions about mountain bike tours:

Here a sample tour in a region that I have been to on my racing bike and that I know for its beauty:

When you click on details, you get a map and a height profile of the tour for some there is also GPS info.There is also a feature to directly create PDF brochure for specific tours, here again as a sample the PDF for this tour:

Pictures of tours: here you go, if this doesn’t water your mouth, I don’t know what will:


During UNICON we will have plenty of good MUni Tours. Just give us a few more weeks to prepare the material.

Yum. This will help me determine if I bring a “proper” MUni (my Wilder) or a “fast but weak” MUni (my 29er).

I don’t know yet about Muni during Unicon but our association from Paris will probably organise its annual Muni week right after Unicon in the Jura mountains so really next to Switzerland.

Thieum talked about that in a post about Unicon : What makes a UNICON to something special

Youcan find some pics of last year’s trip, actually not so many pics of us riding because… well… we were riding :
You can’t see the best part of the rides, the singletracks, 'cause the photographer did not go there.

Ben, I’m in the same boat. My friend Julian and I are planning to stick around and travel for a week or two after unicon, and we hope to spend some of that riding muni. We haven’t researched trails or anything yet, but we should keep each other in mind as resources or potential travel buddies. In the meantime, the above links look really helpful.

I’ve been asked to organize a set of Muni rides for Unicon 13 in Switzerland this summer. I am planning 8 rides. The idea will be that we’ll take off in the morning by train/car, travel to the ride, do it, and return for evening events. You could almost miss all the events during the day and do nothing but Muni in the Swiss Alps if that’s what you wanted to do. Or just go one one or a few. There are only a couple of these planned out in detail, but I’ll post more info in the coming weeks as they come together.

The main website is here: And here is a sample showing one of the planned rides:

As for after the convention…I was thinking of staying a few days and doing some more riding, location TBA. That will most likely be unofficial.


PS Missed you in Moab this year Ben. Amazing that we were there this morning!

That definitely sounds like something to stay I need to stay later for in Europe. Any idea when this event will be finalized? I still don’t have my airfare since I do not know how long I will stay there, but I should get it soon.

Eyal and Ben, I’d be interested in doing some travel after UNICON, whether on the mountain unicycle trails or just do tourist stuff. Maybe we can set up a small group to tour with?

argh. I just found out I only have 3 free days after unicon is over. So I may not be able to stray too far. But I will also have time to travel before (and possibly during?) unicon. So let’s keep in touch about it.