Muni and touring handle?

Was thinking of adding the t-7 touring handle and a Knog computer from UDC to my Muni order…
Will the handle mess with the Muni ? I have seen someone on here that built a custom handle for a guni/muni
Any opinions?

It would probably be ok for light offroad and/or xc, but not for more extreme MUni. The bar would add unwanted weight and be more of a hindrance than a help, especially when it comes to drops, jumps, traversing technical terrain and so on. At most, something like a gb4 which is a very short 2-barred handle that extends only slightly longer than a lift handle, might be ok.

I’d stick with the classic lift handle if you plan to ride more technical MUni. Btw, the t7 also has the least amount of adjustment and requires the rail adapter seat post; the kh handle telescopes, the bar ends move up/down, as does the entire unit where it attaches under the saddle.

Again Terry, Thank you… If I sent you all the $ you’ve saved me you could buy a TWO wheeler! ROFLMAO :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I could, but I wouldn’t! I love one-wheelers too much! :smiley: Btw, what kind of a MUni are you getting, the nimbus 29er right? Actually, that would be great for xc and even street touring, in which case you could always get a touring bar, and use it for street, then remove it for MUni. Or just ride with it if the trails are non-technical. I was thinking more of technical MUni on a 24".

A bar won’t necessarily get in the way re drops, hops, traversing technical terrain etc. Depends on the bar really. A handlebar would get in the way of arguably more pointless and less frequent moves during MUni like unispin’s etc :slight_smile:

I doubt the extra small amount of weight is an issue with MUni, if running huge heavy tires, rims, cranks etc is somehow ok…

But I don’t think there is much benefit fitting a handlebar on a single speed MUni. On a GUni/MUni it’s a different story. The bar I use on the 24 GUni replaces the functionality of the front lift handle, retains ‘traditional’ brake lever position, with the additional handlebar benefits.

Regardless though, I wouldn’t recommend a T7 to anyone for anything, apart from whacking. I guess it would make a good whacking device :stuck_out_tongue:

(apologies to anyone who likes/uses the T7!)

Ok, you guys got me thinking… And yeah Terry it’s the Nimbus 29 Muni…
Gonna save the $ for a later purchase of two holed cranks and build my own handle. Why not, I can mig, tig, arc, and gas weld and I have a slew of pipe and tubing benders.

Yeah Tom, go for it! designing/making your own handlebar is great fun.

And if you’ve got all that gear and skill… seriously I think there is a market there for someone to make custom uni bars.

Check out some of the bars that Corbin has made for ideas of touring/Muni bars. I really like his designs.

Personally I like a nice short handle for MU and a longer lower one for touring/road riding.

Here is a picture of what I am currently using on my MUni.

and a top view after it nosedived into some snow at night.

I like to have two hands on the handle if I am riding a fairly smooth trail or road after a long ride but if it was only technical riding I think I would go for a single bar end for my right hand. or something like the V handle that Scott Wallace used to make.

The T7 is useful…for parts to make your own handle out of. I have the back T part as part of my MU handle and the front part as the front of my road/touring handle.