muni and power kite flying

any one tried muni ,or any other unicycling with a power kite ,i have a 5 square meter kite i use for kite buggying/ landboarding planning on giving it a go with my muni soon, just waiting for the right weather conditions

Seems like it would pull you too much, you might need a seatbelt to strap yourself to your uni :slight_smile: then you could get huge airs off of little jumps.

Went to a kitebording demo put on by escape sports Just outside of Saskatoon a few years ago. Brought my MUni and tried to do exactly what you described.

I think that skis or a snowboard would have worked much better.

I was using the trainer kite and while I was unicycling with it I got in the way of one of the guys just getting going with a 21m kite. We had to drop both kites and I felt bad for getting in the way and risking damage to a $2000 kite.

I dont think it will be great on a muni getting pulled, you would just end up fighting the pull of the kite the whole time. I was thinking of taking out my blade with my trials uni and seeing if I could get some big lofty air, gripping the saddle with my thighs and then seeing if I can land and ride out of it. Still havnt tried, normaly just get carried away on my board.

I’ve done it, and it is a bit boring.

I guess if you have a big kite and strong winds, you could jump a long way whilst on a uni, but I can’t see that being more thrilling than jumping normally. Otherwise, you just have to fly a kite from an inconvenient position, without much ability to pull backwards effectively. I think vehicles with a freewheel are best for kites. Maybe try a BC wheel.


I’ve used my Kitewing but apart from pulling me uphill at a mountain centre it was rubbish as a Unicycle is way not fast enough (I can hit 50mph on my Dirtsurfer).

No unicycling but this is a Kitewing:

im going to give it a go on my muni ,could do with some velcro shorts to keep me on the seat ,i use my grab handle alot in muni ,although muni is fairly easy without holding onto the seat ,

what size blade have you got? is it fixed bridle or do you use a bar ? where do you fly? i go to kempsey,worcester , extreme kite shop .

im thinking i need just the right clean wind to park and ride my kite ,i can always jump off and let go of one handle if im in trouble ,used to use kite killers but outgrown them

I have a 4.9 a 6.5 and a 10.5. all blade IIIs with fixed bridles and flown with handles and a harness. Used to buggy but only board now. With the 10.5 its so easy to get nice long lofty jumps and you dont need to have much speed into them so I think its definatly possible on a uni. I will do it sometime.

(my power-kite + Bryan + BC) x (video in the works)=???

Yeah! Kite BC! I’ve wanted to see that for a while. How well does it work? Can he get any massive air with it?

“Kite Muni” or “Munikiting” is fun

Hi there, :slight_smile:
only topic I found about, maybe more around?

I am kiting since 18 years and since I have done lot of experiments with kite mono foiling last half year (
I decided that I would never be able to go back to bicycle, so have to go for unicycling. :slight_smile:
And now, a few days ago I started to try the combination of these nice sports and liked it a lot (very first tries):

Till now I tried (always in pretty light wind conditions of 3-8 knts)
a big 18 m² kite a small 6 m² race kite and a 6 m² ultra light beginner to back-country freeride single skin kite called “flysurfer peak” hooked and unhooked.

The last kite was the easiest to mount and additionally doesn’t need much flying skills, but will easily pull you in 50-60 % of a 360° wind window. Can be pulled directly upwind without to much effort and therefor also hold up in a lull and also going directly downwind at least when doing jibes is possible but would need a bit more flying skills and wind force.

Will go on exploring and reporting, if you like it.
(A schlumpf to gain higher speeds and therefore also better jumping capability could be interesting. Anybody one to sell?)

Bernd, experimental physicist :wink:

Looks like you are walking a large dog that’s constantly pulling. But good job pulling it off!

Advantage compared to a dog is that you can tell that “dog” which direction you want to go, it won’t get tiered pulling you miles uphill or cross country and last but not least it won’t be distracted by sausage. :wink:

Soon I will have a kitewing for sale, i.c.m. with my (original) dirtsurfer.