MUni and other outdoor sports


It’s been interesting reading the reviews of Into the Thunder dragon, some positive, some not. Most criticisms related to the inclusion of elements other than pure hardcore action, related to our cultural adventures in Bhutan

This got me wondering- how many people on this newsgroup are also interested in other outdoor adventure sports such as climbing and mountaineering, that can potentially be combined with MUni?

I don’t think Nathan and I are alone in wanting to do this sort of thing, and I’d love to see MUni culture grow to include adventurous, outdoorsy people who use riding as a mechanism to explore cool new places. Hanging out downtown and doing street stuff is awesome too, by the way- this isn’t intended as a criticism of urban-oriented riders!


Well I snowboard which is much like muni to where you have to evaluate whats coming up, what skiier or boarder is around yo and what you are going to do next. I found I have the same mental thoughts running throuhg my head. However I dont know how this can be combined with muni other than trying to use my season pass to get up the lift with my muni.


P.S. I loved ITTD and I have no complaints whatsoever about how it is done other than I wish i had the DVD because my friend tells me it shows you static mount and stand on that rail still for 30secs.

I love rock climbing camping hiking kayaking caving or what ever outdoor thing you can thow at me. I have yet to go on any serious mountaineering mostly because I dont live near any large mountains. I would love to incorperate Muni into trecking/hiking someday but so far the oppertunity hasnt presented itself.


I usually go hiking a few times a year. Bringing a uni along would be great and I’ll definitly do that next time I go hiking…I just hope it wont add on too much weight. M’eh.


Unfortunatly I can’t easily combine my favorite sport with unicycling. the uni won’t fit in my kayak and where I kayak there is often no roads, trails…etc. Well, there are rail roads, lots of those along rivers. :slight_smile:

ps… ITTD was a great video. Keep 'em coming, especially on DVD!

I thought you guys did a beautiful job with ITTD, Kris. I also wish you had included another 20 minutes on those amazing steps! I’ve learned a lot from those shots. I’m curious as to whether you set your brake up to grab hard like in bike trials or if you have it set up like a mountain biker. I also wish that you all had included more Mexican riding in the deleted scenes, especially on the volcano. That way you keep the continuity of a flowing film yet save the bits and pieces for us hungry riders. Congrats on the Banff awards - four of us from CT really enjoyed it on the big screen!

I’m into trekking as well and have wondered about how to do long-distance off-road in summer and winter. Not really a climber but I have been in the Adirondacks and in the New Hampshire Whites in the dead of winter. What a blast!

I climbed a 14,000 ft mountain this past summer in Colorado. It was one of the hardest experiences of my life, but also one of the most exilirating once I reached the top. I can barely breath at 12,000 ft, and 14,000 was what made it so hard, but 18,19 thousand, thats insane!

A movie with a combination of x-treme sports could be really cool. If it did well, people into other sports could see you guys, and get into it. The only thing I could think of, would be having a bunch of unicyclists, because ratherbekayaking is probably better at kayaking he could do more stuff. Anyway, it sounds like a really cool idea!

Re: MUni and other outdoor sports

I love climbing (trad over sport, cracks and chimneys over face). I try
bring a unicycle on climbing trips wherever possible.

I have not done too much mountaineering, but have done a few great
multi-pitch routes (up to 5 pitches) and a little aid climbing.

It is a shame that most of the climbing that I do involves walk-ins and
dodgy scree slopes that are not too suited to unicycling. It is also a shame
that the people that I climb with do not unicycle - I will have to do
something about that.


“danger_uni” <> wrote in message

> This got me wondering- how many people on this newsgroup are also
> interested in other outdoor adventure sports such as climbing and
> mountaineering, that can potentially be combined with MUni?

Re: MUni and other outdoor sports

You guys were the inspiration behind my trip to Nepal and my MUni adventures there.


I think MUni is definitely the way to do an adventure trip- easy to cart around airports, robust (imagine if your Rock Shox blew up in Bhutan), and fun way to travel.

And I definitely feel that the inclusion of cultural/adventure focus in ITTD make it much more appealing, otherwise it will be more like another UNiverse (which is fantastic by the way).

I’m planning on another adventure style trip later this year- any ideas for cool unitrekking/adventure places? If you guys ever decide to travel down under to explore middle-earth let me know; there’s some great adventure riding places here in New Zealand!


I like climbing a lot, especially sport and boldering. I’m already visualizing a group of climbers wih MUni’s strapped to their backs, preparing to descend the other side of a mountain, maybe to go to another crag, speed climb ala Hans Florine, only using MUni’s to get to the other climbing areas you want to link up. Or a MUn ride in to a climbing area. Or… It’s really limitless!


I totally agree!! I think that a lot of climbers, especially boulderers, would really get into MUni and trials, because the mentality is basically the same. This has already happened with the growth in popularity of slackline walking amoungst climbers. The main reason I originally got into uni trials was because I like climbing and bouldering.


It would be pretty cool to combine a bit of canyoning with Muni. You could start up in the highlands and follow the course of the river from its source to the sea.
it would take you down steep hillsides and flat open plains and a bit of urban riding at the seafront town.

just an idea!

I guess unicycling appeals to people who do outdoor sports, just as it appeals to people who do street entertainment and people who do skateboarding/bmx. I came into Unicycling via the street entertainment route (I am a Morris dancer) and have really got into it in a big way because it offers some of the benefits of bicycling, and is more challenging than rambling.

I can’t see it going well wil kayaking, but it would go well with ‘open canoeing’.

I can see some similarities with paragliding where climbers climb the mountain then fly down. Of course a uni isn’t that easy to fold up in a day sack, so perhaps there’s a challenge here for to get together with Brompton to develop the ultimate folding unicycle?:slight_smile:

I agree.
I do some climbing, caving, skiing, and MTB and trials bike riding. I’ve even found the surfing handy, I think any sport involving physical exertion along with balance and a need to be focused entirely on the job at hand will help some aspect of riding.

I still long to combine caving and unicycling - I think that could be interesting to say the least.

These all seem to work quite well together. In fact climbing and the bike and uni stuff will be on the film “Don’t Walk” when it gets finished.
Unfortunately one of the other riders has got two pins in his hips and the cameraman has a broken knee. We’re should perhaps call it “Can’t Walk”

My birthday is comming up, so I’m going to ask for ITTD, should be sweet! (also asking for Uni-verse)

My friends were into mountain biking and urban, and I was also a fan, but I was never to inspired by bikes. I wanted to try something unique. I saw Kris in New World Disorder, and I was loved it! (Thanks Kris!) From there on, I was hooked.

I also love anything outside, with or without an engine. I’d love to make a free-wheeling hub-ed uni, and get my cousin to pull me on his 4-wheeler to a big dirt drop! mmmm, air…

I think it’s kind of exciting to see unicycling starting to get more recognition as a sport, rather than a pet project of jugglers, or something clowns do ( not to diss the stewardship of unicycling by the circus arts community , but one has to admit there has been a stigma attached to unicycling that has prevented a lot of people who should completely understand what we are trying to do from doing so because it’s “for clowns”). It seems we are at a point were unicycling is starting to break out of it’s mold into something new, and it really seems that it has everything to do with “rough terrain unicycling”. Once people started taking them off road they transformed, literally and figuratively, into something new.

i ended up unicycling from circus arts but i’ve also done various outdors stuff too, like canoing/climbing/hillwalking, which i havent had the time to doo much of since i got inviolved in all this circus malarky. i did nearly become an outdoors instructor once.
however me and my associate duncan have decided that we have ammased so much climbing equipment for doing upside down straightjacket escapes that we might as well start going to a climbing wall near here.

i suspect that unicycling is probably already dominated by “doing things” people, rather than “telly watching” people.

I enjoy sailboarding/wind surfing which has many of the balance issues that Unicycling has. I haven’t been able to get into the sports that require mountians (rock climbing, mountineering, river kayaking etc.) mostly due to the lack of mountians here in the upper mid west but I think the idea of an intersport video would be great. I also think something like a great outdoor backcountry relay race where one leg would be Muning to a great rock climbing location. People could climb and hand off to some para/hang gliders who could glide to a dammed river where another leg could be windsurfing above the dam and then move on to below the dam to a river kayaking course. That, in my opinion, would be really cool especially if it could be filmed.



My family and I enjoy camping, hiking and being outdoors in general. I’m new to unicycling, but I view Muni as a way of exploring the outdoors and in a more interresting way.

My son is six years old and enjoys to Muni as well. He’s small and lacks the indurance for long trips out on the trails, but his skills are growing quickly so I see us having longer outdoor unicycling adventures in the future.

I have not yet seen the Thunder Dragon documentary, but Muni-ing sounds like a nice way to be introduced to Bhutan!