[MUNI] AmaOneTya - Snakes

Sunny summer morning riding the Snake trails in Tokai Forest, Cape Town South Africa. Mamba, Boomslang, Snakes Eyes, and finishing up with Vasbyt. We were also joined by Andrew for his first Mountain Uni ride in Tokai Forest.

Speaking of snakes, came close to riding over a 4-5 foot Puff Adder yesterday in the forest. One of the stranger ones I’ve seen as it was an almost florescent green and yellow.

Enjoy the video, and please comment. Thanks :smiley:

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Very cool video, loved all of it, but I think the beginning was awesome with all the UPDs. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it a lot. Awesome video :sunglasses:

Who was the dude rocking the 29er? I want to ride with you. Pretty epic bails and nice lines.

Fantastic video!!! Makes me want to get out and ride my ass off…
I sure love baboons.
Here is one on me recently!

babbon.bmp (960 KB)

WOFT was on the 29’er. He does rock on it :slight_smile: In fact he is game to try just about anything on it.

Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it :smiley:

You’ll love it here then Shug :slight_smile: There are quite a few very large troops in Tokai Forest, and with summer around we see them a lot and often end up riding through the troops as they move around the trails.

I figured baboons would be a regular occurence for you. Are the baboons in anyway agressive?

They’re not aggressive at all, they usually just give a puzzled look and then move off the trail when you get close to them. Although having said that 1 of the guys I was riding with was chased by an alpha male, but only because he got in between the alpha male and a rogue male he was chasing away from his troop. It was probably the fastest I have ever seen Justin ride :smiley: . At least it did end well with the alpha male continuing his chase of the other rogue male.

Thats the way it should be, I love my 29er and will ride pretty much anything too. I dont know why people ride Muni on those silly little wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, great video. I really liked the titles and if I go to South Africa then I want to bring my Muni! Also that first bail off the 29er was cool.

those were some awesome ramp jumps. good riding. keep it up.

I concur! I love the increased speed. I really really REALLY want to get one of the new, wider rims though. The reviews i’ve heard are all pretty positive. time to start saving…

Nice video!
Some parts looked pretty steep! And I liked how you attacked the ramps and easier drops with a lot of speed. Even if unsuccessful :slight_smile:

I was expecting snakes, but I guess thats just the trail names. But the monkeys were cool… you sure get a lot of them. I dunno about monkeys, but dogs seem to particularly like to chase unicyclist.

cool video! i liked all of it: the riding, the trails…

muni rocks!!

Thanks phthoruth :slight_smile: Some pieces were really steep and it’s difficult to convey that in a video or photo, but working on ways to achieve that.

As for the baboons they leave us alone, even the large alpha males … and there are some really large baboons there. It’s all just part of being in Africa :smiley: … simply the only place to be :wink:

I am looking to get the wider rim too, I phoned yesterday though and I think UDC uk are not going to have them untill sometime early next year :frowning: My rim at the moment is very out of true after an attempt at a big shifty off a big drop to slope :frowning:

Do you ride with a brake? and what lenght cranks? 150s?

I’m running duel-drilled cranks - 150 for muni (as in this vid) and 125s for cross country. I have a greasy old magura on there which leaks. I’m not very skilled with it yet, and I need to top it up regularly otherwise it sticks to the rim even after I release it! It was not working in this vid though:(

great video!
the music at the beginning and end was the better of the music you used.
awesome riding

Thanks for all the cool replies!!! Brent, post that pic of the puffer you saw the other day … that should complete and close this thread :wink: