MUni ain't dead yet

Here my latest MUni vid that we shot a couple weeks ago. I wanted to get a mix of smooth, fast lines, technical descents, and some climbing as well for a good cross country ensemble.

This is my 2nd video and i tried to give it some composition and structure. I also went with a more energetic song. Let me know what you think.

Perhaps this video can tide you over while you’re waiting for J.Kohse’s in the other thread!

nice work man, looked like a good day for Muni.

26" ?

Nice vid Ben, Watch your head, FUNNY.:smiley:

It’s a 29er.:wink:

Its a 29er I think. Cool vid its nice to see some 29er Muni.

Thanks, it was a really nice day for sure.

and yeah: 29er!

That was awesome, nice video. Enjoyed the pace in the video, and you rocking the 29’er. Well done.

Cool video,I like the fast rolling style.A few of those bails looked a bit ouchy.


Thanks dudes!

and yeah I scraped my arm pretty good on one of those. Good thing i’m still young enough to heal quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved it and wished I could ride like that!

Nice video. That looked like fun. I’m thinking about putting the off road tire back on my 29er now that I have a Coker. It would be interesting to see how the 29" compares to the 24". Your shoe laces look scary though :astonished: .

Nice riding man.

out of curiosity, what is the width of that tire? It looks really thin.

Cool video. Kind of makes me miss my KH29. But I prefer my geared 26" anyways and it was an either this or that decision.

Funny ending hitting the tree with your head.

classic. way better than that J Kohse guy has put out in the last week. :wink:
I like the song and tempo of riding/video that goes with it.