Muni Accident -- So Cal

Glad to hear you’re doing so well! Hope we can ride again in the not-so-far future! At least something easy like that first trail we rode together where there was a skatpark on the way! Get better soon bro!:smiley:

You know who it is?

edit @ Jim: that would look good blue! :smiley:

Hello Munivision, Glad to hear you are doing so well after this accident. Hope it’s all good news from here out.

In a weird and cruel twist of fate, yesterday, nine of us got together for a run down the Notorious G-Spot in Simi Valley (only a few hundred yards away from Hummingbird Trail, where Jim broke his back), and Jamey (Unicycle6869), our very own Level 10 rider and emerging Muni star (recently transplanted from snowy Minnesota), took a bad fall and apparently broke his back, much as Jim did six weeks ago. I just talked with him in the hospital, where he spent the night awaiting the back specialist to decide just what to do. This is a huge loss to all of us who have gotten used to having the big man along on our rides, to say nothing of the hassle for Jamey. We’ll have to do what we can to keep him in good spirits.


Oh man that’s terrible news! And surprising given his skills, but then even the best get hurt. Best wishes to Jamie for a speedy, full recovery! Btw, John, I thought you said you couldn’t go because of a dentist appointment? I’m assuming you were there for the LA times deal.

Wow, that’s sad to hear. Do they have a prognosis for Jamey yet?

That really sucks, was it on one of those huge steep sections?

Just hung up with the stud himself. The cat scan says he has a small compression fracture in his T6. I’m guessing that’s the 6th vertebra up. The prognosis is about 2 months with a back brace. But he’ll be able to drive and work normally. Just no sports for 2 months. That’s the hard part for Jamey since he’s addicted, not only to unicycling, but to surfing and disc golf. But I’d say that’s a pretty good deal for breaking your back! He seems to think so too. Nothing can put this guy in a bad mood. Even when he was spitting up that 60/40 mix of dirt and blood yesterday, he had a smile on this face. That’s damn near heroic in my mind. Someone get some pictures up soon, so we can show the world the epic hugeness and steepness of the newly dubbed Mossengren Rock.

Wow, twice in the same place? People might start thinking muni is dangerous!

Heal fast, Jamey

Muni isnt dangerous, wrecking is! :roll_eyes:

Hope he heals up fast, it sucks to not be able to be active. Hope to see the pictures soon. =p

Yeh, I hereby change the name to Brokeback Mountain.

Best wishes and positive healing energy to Jamey.

Damn Jamey -

That sucks! I’m glad it wasn’t any worse. We’ll try and round up a few extra beers for you to speed your recovery!


Very sorry to hear about Jamey’s accident. Jamey, get 100% well fast! Given what you love to do, I think that will help speed your recovery.


That’s great that he won’t have lasting problems. You guys better take care of yourselves down there; that’s a couple of scary incidents recently.

Total bummer for Jamey! But he is young and strong and should make a full recovery. “Brokeback Mountain” ha, I like that! I just talked to Jamey in the hospital and he is in good spirits, but bored and would appreciate any calls from guys that know him Hospital # is 714-842-1473, room #4011.

According to Jamey, he hit the bottom of a section and the uni stopped and he kept going ala superman and hit his head/face. And it is all on film!

Get better quickly, Jamey. I am 6 weeks out and am out and about with out my brace for the first time. Still sore, but coming along nicely.

I just had a good talk with Jamey too. He is hoping to get out of the hospital tomorrow but of course is not looking forward to 2 months in a brace without the fun activities he loves.


Good to know he’ll make a full recovery. “broken back” sounds scary.

Wow Jamey, I hope you feel better when you get out of the hospital. It’s going to be hard not getting to ride. I have fractured my lower back before and it’s really hard to put a stop on the things you love.
I tried really hard to get off work that day. Geeez I wanted to be there so bad!!! G-Spot is my most favorite trail. So Jamey get well soon so I can ride with you.

Get Well Fast Jim!

Just wanted to let you know Jim, that even out here in Israel you have people wishing you a speedy recovery!