MUni '98

Hi everyone, I just got back to the hotel after the 2nd annual MUni, and incase
nobody has mentioned anything I’ll briefly summarize. It was a ragging success.
There was more riders than last year, and lots of new faces. Unfortunately, due
to some knee complications George Peck didn’t make to this MUni, but many expert
riders were available for workshops and personal coaching.

    The first day, at North Star Tahoe, the trails were a bit soft but
    riding the lifts to the top more than made up the soft fluffy dirt.
    Though the lifts were available, a group still rode from bottom to top.
    In addition to riding the trail there was a slalom competition that
    everyone who participated in had a great time. After the slalom,
    everyone played around on an obstacle course that was set up for
    mountain bikes ( i.e. a sea-saw, various logs to hop and ride over).

    Today in Auburn, the showing was a little less than yesterday, but there
    was still a lot of riders. For those of you who came last year, the
    sunday rides were the same as last years saturday rides. One exception
    to last year was the option, for those who wanted, to start half way up
    the mountain on the morning ride. I unicycled up with a group of about
    12, but had some knee problems at the top of the mountain. So, I had to
    walk down, and didn't see how well that ride or the afternoon ride went.
    Though, everyone was quite happy with the day afterwards.

    I'm sure I left out a lot. So, some fill in if you would. All I wanted
    to say is that it was a ragging success............

            ...............Thanks John we all appreciate your efforts.