MUni 3d.modell for Cinema4d

if anyone of you needs a 3d modell (free of course) of our favourite toy for cinema4d just go to

cu werner

That’s lookin good. I’m trying to model a KH24 in Lightwave3d right now… i’ll post some renders up here when I get a bit further.

Let’s not forget pov-ray.

If anyone is interested I think I could dig up to pov-ray source for that image.


Re: MUni 3d.modell for Cinema4d

I’m disappointed. Your platform pedals don’t have any pins in them!
Just kidding. Nice model!

WHOA thats cool! I wanna learn how to do that!!!

If you are referring to the Pov-ray rendered version you can obtain pov-ray for free at All the docs and tutorials are also freely available. It’s got a fairly steep learning curve though.

If you are referring to the Cinema4d version; I agree with you. It is cool and I too would like to learn how to do that.


Rather easy

glad that you like it, and yeah the pedals are not perfect but they were the last thing I made and somehow I got lasy … sorry :wink:

the modelling of the Muni was rather straight-foward … and cinema4d is (relativly) easy to learn. The muni was the first modell I made and that was after 2-3 weeks of playing around with it …

And a municycle is simple, as there are no organic parts. If you seperate it to it’s basic components then you see that it is just a collection of basic objects… some tubes, boxes and so on … the only more advanced thing is the seat …

cu werner