Muni: 24 v 26

basically im interested to know why 24 has become the wheel size of choice for downhill? if it were 26 (the standard size for mountain bikes) we would have soo many more options in terms of tyres, tubes and rims,


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24 gives you soooooo much more control for tech and DH, it’s lighter so tricks are easier and they rims are better for taking drops.

I think it’s because it became very popular because certain riders like Kris Holm, favouring 24"; and particularly when they had large 3" tyres available. On a 26" wheel, 3" tyres end up making it very heavy.

I personally prefer a 26", but I’m more of an XC rider anyway.

i have the 24in torker dx and i love it because i can do mountain stuff and i can do some urban stuff too i cant do mutch trails but it is really veritile
and if you need to hop wile you are on the mountain the 24 is going to get alot higher than a 26

Most 24" tyres and rims are as good as most 26". Some downhill bikes have 24" rear wheels so there is more demand for 24" parts. I just prefer 24" because it’s so much more maneuvable.

A 24x3 is more maneuverable than a 26x3. It makes a difference for technical riding. With the smaller wheel you’re also in the power or hop position more often.

A 24x3 is also lighter than a 26x3. That weight makes a difference for hopping and quick maneuvers.

A 26x3 does roll over bumps and obstacles better than a 24x3. The larger diameter has an advantage there.

It comes down to riding style and riding preference. If you roll a lot of stuff instead of hopping then you might find the 26x3 to be more to your liking. The 26x3 is also slightly faster and has more momentum. Quick maneuvers and tight turns (like tricky downhill switchbacks) can be more tricky to accomplish on a 26x3 compared to a 24x3. Some of that also depends on tire choice as well (some tires like to turn better than others).

I have both a 24x3 and a 26x3. The 26x3 is what I consider my all-mountain cruiser. It can plow through bumps and roots and cruise bumpy or rocky trails. The 24x3 is better for any time you want to hop or maneuver tightly.

For XC riding a 29er is going to be better. A 26x3 is too heavy for XC style riding. I consider the 26x3 to be a compromise between XC cruising and 24x3 freeride style riding.

For what it’s worth I started out riding a 26x3 with 150mm cranks for muni, both technical and XC (since the trails around here are such that you can’t do one or the other, you really have to do both!), for over a year. Since I didn’t have anyway to compare this setup to anything else, this was the set up I used. Then I got a 24x3 with 150mm cranks and boy what a world of difference it made. On the terrain I’m used to riding, bits of XC with plenty of technical riding thrown in, all on the same trail I found the 24x3 to have much more POP or power, more nimble, and was obviously lighter. I did have to adapt to the fact that it didn’t quite roll over everything like the 26x3 but that didn’t take too long to adjust to. Now the crux: being a well seasoned endurance runner I actually prefer to spin more (seems more intuitive to me), so it doesn’t really bother me that I have to spin more on my 24x3 to match what I was doing on my 26x3… I have done some really long XC epics on my 24x3 and 26x3 (25-50 miles) and the time differences between the two is almost negligable for me. That being the same the deciding factor for me is the lightness of the 24x3 and the fact that I can still do some natural trials while I’m OUT THERE. So the epilogue? My 26x3 is gathering dust and I do ALL my trail riding on my 24x3. Maybe it doesn’t work for everybody but I don’t mind spinning…