Muni 24" or 26" with disc

Hi all
we are a group of friend from Turin (Italy) and we decide to take the big step

looking around all proposed sales of Muni with disc are from USA :frowning:

Is there anyone in EU wishing to sell his disc Muni?
we are searching 4 Muni at the moment.

please post pictures and specs.
maybe we will meet on the trails :smiley:

Nimbus MUni con telaio nero da 29", attacco x freno Magura, pedivelle 125mm e gomma Kenda Karma 2.2". Mozzo leggerissimo Mad4One.
Tubo sella regolabile Kris Holm e sella Quax Air.

Disponibili con sovrapprezzo pedivelle 145mm o 170mm e impianto freno completo Magura HS33.


only disc muni pls.
I think we will need to get new ones :frowning:

bought one KH26" from UK sales.
still 3 to go…
no offers?