Muni 2012 - Need More Speed!

Over the last year I accumulated quite a bit of video material from
Australia, Germany and Switzerland. And here it is, finally edited!

or if you prefer youtube:

Enjoy, Rocco

Hey Rocco- sweet vid. Good to see the footage from our day out at Bad Wildbad turned out so well. I’ve got myself a dedicated DH uni now- so no more excuses for not hitting those big drop/gaps!

:D:D The dense foliage really made the speed more apparent.

Rocco, u were riding a 26 for the first part then a 24, right? It’d be cool to see u w/ a geared hub on that stuff. Maybe Schlumpf & KH can license it out to other manufactures.

Very enjoyable video! The speed you carried through the gnarlier sections was very impressive, well done sir!

I’ve probably watched this 10 times since you posted it, great video!