Multiskill [HD] (Unicycling + Juggling + Trickz = FUN !)

Remember to watch in HD ! Enjoy !

C’mon! Comment something please!:smiley: We did a lot of work for this. I know that it might be little bit too long.

I commented on Youtube when you first posted it, but it didn’t appear :thinking:

I liked how all the different skills blended together. It kept it fresh and interesting! I laughed and was impressed at 3:00:D. 3:16 - WOW! Your trials has also really improved.

6:21 was my favourite shot:) 7:48 was epic!

At 6:49, do you live far enough north where the sun never fully sets?

nice! i liked the humor…
and i think that was the moon.

Haha. Liked the flipping and gymnastics.

Really cool man :smiley:

looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:

I really liked all the flips, handstands and stuff, as well as the comical bits. It seems both of you are relatively new to unicycling - those skills will improve and I bet in ~ 6+ months you guys could make a really cool video even w/ only the uni.

Definitely too long IMO. You could have cut out ~ 2 minutes w/ eliminating the juggling stuff you already did and some of the cruising around on the uni. It would still be pretty long, but I can’t think how you would cut it down significantly more w/o sacrificing the “story”, comedy or skills.

That was hyvä !!!
Loved the hand-walking down the stairs … tough trick.
Hyvin tehty …

the juggling and unicycling were …
The humor was :smiley:
the flips,… were :astonished:

:slight_smile: good vid
but please make it less long the next time ^^ and less juggling :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I liked all the flips and handstands. I just started doing flips and stuff a few weeks ago and now I feel like getting better at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for very nice comments !!!

No, we dont live enough north, but sun was down just about 20mins. We filmed many of those clips between 1am and 5am. So you can see that it was pretty bright. At 6:49, it was the darkest moment and we saw the moon.

Kiitos! Thanks! How can you speak finnish?:smiley:

I have been there a few times and have a Finnish friend!