Multiple Sclerosis Ride/Walk

Have any of you ever heard of MS? It’s a neurological disorder that causes fatigue, numbness, among other things. Go here for some more information about it.
Anyway, the MS walks and rides start in a couple of months, and Matt and I (both of our moms suffer from it) are considering riding our uni’s in the walks.
MS Walks
MS Rides
Would anyone be interested in riding/walking? It’s definitely for a good cause

my brother in laws mom has it. it seems like a great cause.

My mom has it as well (as alex said), and me and him are both planning on riding in this year’s walk.

Does anyone who has any experience with riding unicycles in walks like these have any tips for keeping a good speed when compared with the walkers? Should we stay in front of them, follow them up, try to blend in?

I did the 170km ride (Grand Bend -> London -> Grand Bend…Ontario) 2 years ago (over 2 days), and am doing it again this summer.

I do not know anyone with it, but statistically speaking, I probably will

I did the MS-150 ride in Washington state last year (see this thread), and had such a positive experience that I’ve joined the planning committee for this year’s event, and will be riding it again as well.

Last year in the WA ride there were just under 800 bicyclists and one unicyclist. I’m hoping I can drag a few of the Seattle Area Riders along this year to help balance the ratio.

I’d highly recommend participating…it’s a great way to make an impact for a very good cause, and get in good distance shape in the process.

My grandpa did that on a bike…he said he was dead afterwards

next time a walk/ride for charity comes to Ottawa, you bet I will be unicycling in it :)!

Most of all, I recommend using the smallest wheel you can. Even on a 20", riding as slow as walking pace for any length of time is tiring.


i rode in one a couple years ago. me and tim colegrove and a couple others. i had a small 24" while the others had cokers and 29’rs. it was 10 miles and the media was all over us. woohoo tv time!:smiley: it was fun and very tiring. it was the bike ride one, the walkers were the day before i think

I might ride in one if there’s one nearby…looks like there might be a ride in Spokane, WA, so if there is, I’ll totally do it.

thanks…ya’ll rock