Multiple Passenger Unicycle

I used the search function; didnt find anything; didnt really know what to search.
I wondered if it would be possible to ride double with a unicycle-
It got me thinking, would it be possible to design a two person unicycle?
I imagine that it would be extremely hard to ride, maybe chain driven?

I think gravity would be the biggest problem. But other then that. Well…

or find a 2 seater version of this.

Oh wow
thats just what i was thinking of…
Put a 36 in that and thats one fun day :roll_eyes:
Thanks Hazz

And here’s another two-person unicycle…


Someone should put pegs on like a 9foot giraffe and pedal around with someone standing on the pegs!

I’d seen that first picture before, not the second one.

There was a book that popped up on Ebay a while back on do-it-yourself-bike-building, maybe from the 50’s or so. It had a 2-person unicycle shown on it, so the idea has been around a while.

Yeah, I did a project on unicycling in 6th grade. One of my “chapters” was on different kinds of unicycles. In order to research this, I borrowed a book on building unicycles from the library that was written in the 1970s. It had two versions of two person unicycles. One like the ones shown above, and another was a giraffe, which had the neck bent so that there was a bottom seat and a top seat, so there would be two people riding, one about 3 feet above the other. (so they don’t have to have equal balance this way).