Multi-Wheeled unicycles

Your profile says you’re 22 years old. I knew at least 9 people who could ride 2-wheelers 25 years ago. Don’t forget IUF founder Jack Halpern, who is credited as the “inventor” of the cycle within the unicycling community (others surely did it 100 years ago). I learned in 1982 along with other members of my unicycle club (Redford, in Michigan). There were probably five of us in Michigan who could ride them in 1983. I actually performed on one (badly) in 1982 at the USA convention and won the Pairs competition. A fortuitous comedy of errors made our messed-up act look more intentional than it was…

For performing, the 3-wheeler will look approximatel 1/3 more impressive to an audience. Add extra points because it’s also taller. Put decorations in the wheels so it’s easy to see them rotating in opposite directions. Make sure you idle on it, and if you can, practice walking the wheel up there.

Caution: 3-wheelers are heavy, and dismounts can damage them or bend/knock them out of alignment. Treat it like a fragile machine and it will probably hold up longer.

As a performer, having an act is more important than having cool props. The first expenditure I’d make, based on the photos you posted, would be for a new seat!

Here’s some old pictures of multi-wheelers.

Very important information :smiley: I the cranks and the pedals of my tree wheeled… I will study this soultion :smiley:

Thanks John, your site is full of great pics and cool facts :smiley:

I don’t understand how that half wheeled unicycle works, and one with no wheel? :thinking:

A lot better than the version without the bottom wheel.

That’s the short answer. He later brought a “regular” unicycle with the half-wheel to Unicons, but it always ended up leaving marks on the floor. The “150”, as it was called, was surprisingly rideable if you could already ride a 2-wheeler. Yes, when the wheel is up it’s freewheeling. Basic rule of riding it: don’t freewheel any longer than necessary!

I’m not sure that a 1/2 wheel unicycle does work. Seems like you would have to hop-up each half rotation in order to get up on the half part.

A “no wheel” unicycle is a unicycle minus the tire, tube hub and spokes. Basically you have the hub and cranks sitting on the floor. It’s basically a silly prop.

that’s a might big “if”

Thanks, heeps of information.

So far I don’t interact with the audience when busking, I don’t think im confident enough and ive never tried it, besides i will need to perfect everything before i try. ANd have an act. Luckily i can juggle and stuff.

If you ride it nicely it does. If you don’t, you leave marks on the gym floor.

Jack Halpern brought both of these to Unicon I. Problem is, he didn’t bring himself (tragic story about passports/visas). So he requested I demonstrate his two silly unicycles in the public show. It wasn’t too hard, except his dominant foot is opposite mine, so I had a hell of a time riding the half-wheeler “nicely.” I called it the world’s second-stupidest unicycle.

The stupidest, of course, is the no-cycle. In this case, an old Japanese unicycle with no spokes, rim or tire. At rest, you’re in the “safety position,” sitting on the seat with the pedals nearly flat on the floor. It’s very easy to do some otherwise hard unicycle tricks on it. Like indefinite stillstands. One-foot idling (okay, not that hard). Very silly for unicyclists, probably not very funny for a general audience.

This is the information that i got rite now… Anything else that i need to add or edit?

Multi-Wheeled Unicycles

You have to pedal backwards and lean forward to go forward.
There are not many people in the world (50?) who can ride it.
Mite not be able to free mount it because the tyres will slip.
2 wheels is like learning as you were fasting learning to ride a standard unicycle.
It’s easy to bend the frame from big/heavy falls so don’t drop it hard to much.
Have to make sure when building that everything is rite.
You can do a step up mount.
Make sure the bolts are tight and prevent slipping.
Pays to be able ride backwards and idle.
2-wheels doesn’t look as effective to public as a 3-wheeler.

A 3-wheeler is like a giraffe except there’s more wheels and friction feels weird.
Shouldn’t take too long to get use too.
About 6 or 7 foot high (1.8 meters – 2.1 meters).
It feels high up.
You can climb onto a 3-wheeler
A 3-wheeler looks more impressive than a 2 even though 2-wheeles is hard to ride.
The bottom and top tyres need to be hard and the middle tyre needs to be softer.
It’s harder to pedal because all of the friction between the tyres.
It can bend or break easily if dropped badly.
Possible to roll on mount a 3-wheeler but tyres could slip etc…
Put gadgets (bike threads on spokes) on the wheel so the public can see that the wheels are moving in different directions.
It looks like a mad machine if you put another set of cranks on the other wheels which would look cool to the public.
They’re heavy.

Yes I always suspected it was a little bit of an urban myth when i heard it (2002 i guess). I think we can both agree that the number is still pretty low, and that riding one requires some rare skill.

Two wheelers and three wheelers always seemed cool to me. I think I might pick up a three wheeler soon (especially if it’s possible to remove one wheel and try it as a two wheeler - those sound really fun). I hadn’t thought about putting cranks on all the wheels either, seems like you could do some really cool tricks with that, not to mention being able to wheel walk your giraffe and some other things you basically can’t do while you’re high up.

seems like it’d be a great finale piece for a show since you can both be tall, and do things like wheel walks and such.


When I fall of my 3 wheeler or 2 wheeler, its easy to bend or damage so i guess ill just have to try and catch it??? I don’t realy want to try wheel walk on 3 wheeler cos i could drop it excessively and it could bend or damage. My 5 ft giraffe frameis already bent so now i know to take more care.

well the only thing you could really bend is the extenstions, the main frame is a Nimbus 2 frame I generally don’t worry about it, as long as I keep the bolts tight on the extensions excessive drops don’t do much you just have to be kinda careful about the wheels coming out of alignment when it’s dropped which shouldn’t happen if everything is tight. I don’t worry about catching it most of the time and I drop it A LOT doing wheel walking and one footing and stuff, nothing bad has happened YET.

Dare I say I think a normal giraffe bends easier because it is one long piece of metal? Or do the joints bend easily on the three wheeler :thinking: .

the joints are weaker, and while a slight bend in a giraffe is no big deal, wheel misalignment in a multi-wheel caused by a bent frame is a more serious problem.

A couple of spelling/grammar errors, but looks good to me.

I’ve gotten the impression from UDC and in other threads that the extensions can be rather fragile and get out of alighnment/bend from simple falls where you didn’t catch it.

Just thought I’d post links to a few vids of this evenings fun on the 2 wheeled unicycle. The previous vid I posted is at least 5 months old, tonight was the first time on the 2 wheeler since the previous vid.


did you drop that seat in a blender on accident?

So when’s someone going to hick double the no-cycle?

I would find that rather impressive:D

Work on that. Good banter and jokes will save lousy skill and mistakes, but no amount of skill can make up for bad banter and jokes.