Multi-Wheeled unicycles

No worries. Lol, well I’m one of them, just about.


Not to be discouraging but if you aren’t good at idling yet then you might not be ready for a 2 wheeled giraffe. I have never tried one but I imagine you need to be very comfortable with riding backwards first on a normal uni.

i can idle and i can ride backwards.

im good with backwards but with idiling, i can stay idiling but my wheel always moves side to side. I can idle a bit better on my giraffe cos its easier. thanks for the advice though. And il probably try riding the 3-wheeler first cos as ive heard, the 2-wheeler is hard.

Go to go 2 school soon so after i come back there mite be more answers, although heeps have been answered already.

Yeah :smiley: I’ll contact the guy who made the uni for me this week to know the prices of the two extensions… I tought in puting two 16" wheels…Would be funny!

I will take pics ths week pf the tree wheeled :smiley: (It’s in my other house)


Well, to the best of my knowledge, a year or so ago, there were only 3 competent riders in the UK (two of which were called Roger, so I guess that helps). I’m sure lots more have tried, and have probably had varying amounts of success. Personally, I’ve tried, and come to the conclusion it is impossible.

If you’re wanting to do it to perform, then as far as the general public is concerned, a 3 wheeler is much more impressive. They won’t appreciate the complete mind-twist that a 2 wheeler does to a unicyclist, and will just like the fact that 3 wheels is better than 2.


Not sure if you saw in my post but I said I can’t running mount(or step up) my 3 wheeler, the tire pressure I like allows the tires to slip when I try to running mount and I haven’t got the coordination to step up on the 3 wheeler before it falls. All this talk about 2 wheeler unicycles having very few competent riders is making me want to go try to master the 2 wheeler. I wonder how strange it would feel to be wheel walking it forward and be moving backwards.

EDIT: I found a pretty good video of a guy at Mondo Fest 2 years ago riding a 2 wheeler he even idles it and wheel walks it.

That’s no guy, it’s Gilby!

Oh Wow! I didn’t really watch it the first time just saw what Gilby was doing and linked it! I took a second look and BAM! I recognized him.

I’m pretty sure there was somebody on a 2 wheeler at MUni Fest in 2007. It was really cool to watch him ride :slight_smile: A bit of a thread jack, but how much would two extensions cost? (so I could ride with three wheels)

The Nimbus Wheel Extention Kit costs 150 US dollars. I thik that’s too expensive. A good welder can easily make it for you.


Ill buy it from UDCA anyway…besides its $150 AUD too so US would be more

Yer i was kinda thinking which one would appeal more to the audience. now youve just made up my mind, yes i guess the 3 wheeler looks better, is taller, and its just something you dont see every day

are u gonna post it in this thread?

Do you think or know if it is possible though? cos i haven known of anyone who can mount a 7 foot. I guess you would just put more effort in to the crank push and jump.

I don’t see why either mount wouldn’t be possible, just quite hard to learn. Running mount could pose a problem, with the possibility of tyres slipping on each other. I have tried climbing up the 3 wheeler, it’s kinda awkward with just the one set of cranks on it, as there is a lack of decent places to put your feet for climbing it. What looks great on a 3 wheeler, is cranks on each wheel, then it looks mad, like there is loads going on with it. I did it on mine thinking that i could climb the pedals like a ladder, but the wheels move at slightly different rates, so the cranks are rarely in the right positions for that. Also, it adds quite a bit of weight to an already heavy piece of kit.

Also, to solve the problem of the 3 wheeler being harder to get going, it might be worth trying some longer cranks on it. I’ve been meaning to, but not got round to it yet.


it doesnt really matter if the wheels slip does it? I will run up to the cranks and jump on them, even if the wheel isnt touching the other, there still connected by the steel frame bit so i don’t think it should matter.

Ducttape, do you have your bottom and top tyre hard and the middle softer? whats your tyre preffereance?

I reckon there must be plenty of people who can ride a two-wheeler. I know of four in NZ alone (myself, Peter Bier, Steve Pavarno and Adam Stone). I have a two-wheeler with 16" wheels which makes it relatively easy to freemount, both static and rolling.

As for freemounting a 3-wheeler I’ve seen it done by jamming a foot between the lowest and middle tyres, then standing on the pedal.

There’s a video of Aussie street performer Mr Spin juggling three baseball bats while balancing a glass of water on his head on a 3-wheeler here He uses a volunteer to mount his 3-wheeler. Scroll thru to the end as that’s where the trick is.

Yes but you’ll have no control, in the running mount standing on the back pedal turns the bottom wheel backwards and pushes the unicycle upright. With no drive, the bottom will just freewheel away from you and you’ll land flat on your arse. Slipping of multi-wheels, or of the drive cog on a giraffe suddenly turns your uni in to a coaster uni, with no warning.

On a three wheeler you are meant to have the top and bottom wheels harder than the middle.

If you moved more into street performance you could include it in your act to get someone to help you get on the three wheeler, as somebody mentioned above.

+1 to what kington99 said too.

I don’t know the exact tire pressure on my tires but it’s just right for me as was said above you need the middle wheel softest, and the top tire slightly harder while the bottom tire is hardest. Slippage of the middle wheel does matter when running mounting because it acts like the chain and cogs on your normal giraffe and when those slip your unicycle is uncontrolable. If I could time it better I could climb my three wheeler, I’ve almost got it now but I can’t get onto the seat in time, I end up trying to ride my giraffe SIF which is very hard considering how heavy it is. Ihave considered putting a set of cranks on every wheel too, I’ve even got two spare sets that would work I just don’t have two extra sets of pedals.