Multi-Wheeled unicycles

These school holidays I may go busking for 3 days and hopefully make around $250 or 2 days and hopefully make around 170$(AUD, aus dollar). What I want to do is buy 2 double wheeled extension kits so i can have a 2 wheeled uni and a 3 wheeled uni. I am gonna connect them to my standard unicycle. The thing is, I dont know if I should cos my uni is 2 years old and has constantly been bashed and stuff. Im wondering if any of you got ideas about how to improve it. Onething is if i go ahead with doing it, is that ill DEFINETLY upgrade the saddle to a classic saddle. When i ride, it feels as if the right pedal is in the left crank. vice versa. But they arnt!, often feels like this. Its just that ive had it for 2 years so anyone got anything to say about this?

How long would it take to learn to ride a 2 wheeled unicycle?, apporximately. I know you cant tell exactly but im lookin for some kind of range. and once perfected the riding technique, can it be ridden as far as you can ride a standard uni?

Can you Free-Mount (roll on mount) a 3 wheeler like a giraffe?

How tall is a 3 wheeled unicycle, 7 foot? Is it as easy to ride as a giraffe? Because I think i mite go busking on my 3 wheeler instead of my 5 foot giraffe.

The pictures look alrite but when i ride it, it really DUZ feel like 2 YEARs old. I’ts hard to explain, its good… but it feels bad.

saddle, what happens to cover/leather when pulled up

my unicycle full view

close up of hub cranks and pedal

2 wheelers are HARD. It is so strange to ride, because you have to pedal backwards and lean forwards to go forwards. A 3 wheeler is just like a giraffe, but has more wheels. If your pedals feel funny on your old uni, you could change them for some new plastic ones.

My Dad has some other pedals down in the shed so ill change them and see if thats the problem, thanks. if a 3 wheeler giraffe is just like a normal giraffe, does that meant i can free mount it? and juggle on it like i would on my normal giraffe?

most litkely, except the slip between the tyres and the additional friction give it a slightly different feeling. You should be able to get used to it pretty quickly though. 2 wheels is a different matter, expect a pretty steep learning curve, like trying to learn to ride for the first time, but on a giraffe.

You could PM Ducttape and ask him cause i do believe he can help you. Considering he has a 3 wheel giraffe unicycle too also. :smiley:

A 3 wheeler is in fact not like a normal girraffe. It is in fact about 7 foot high (3 x 20" + about 20" for frame to seat = 80", 80 / 12 = 6.667), and I can tell you… when you’re up there… it is high lol. Unluike normal giraffes, there is a lot of friction when you try to pedal, because the wheels are held together so they do not slip. Mine does not even roll freely, I have to actually push it. I rode a 5ft normal girraffe within a few tries, but I have still yet to conquer the three wheeler (not that I’ve tried a lot :o ) because as I said, it’s very high up there, and it feels impossible to balance as you’re sat there with the unis weight pulling you forwards and you trying to put just the right amount of force on the pedals.

But still, it is definitely possible.

Two wheelers, on the other hand… I think there are only a few people in the world that can actually ride them, because you have to forget everything you ever learnt about balancing and re-program it into your muscles and brain.

a few people in the world!? im sure more than a few! but then again unicycling is rare and then riding a doublewheeler.

thanks for the help so far…!

I have built both. The 2 wheeler is a trick to learn to ride as you have to re learn how to ride. The 3 wheeler is like a 6’ giraffe. Contact me at UDCA (when the phone works again) and I can help you. The three wheeler needs some care in assemblying to make sure the tyres don’t spin or go out of line.
They look a treat when someone can actually ride them.:slight_smile:

i remember a time when there were only 9 people in the world who could ride one, although it was a few years ago

riding a 3 wheeler is pretty similar to riding a normal 6ft giraffe except that it’s a lot harder to freemount. I still can’t freemount my 3 wheeler. Once you get used to how slow it is and how heavy it is it’s not too hard. I’ve never tried to do just 2 wheels just yet though.

how good do you think (how long riding, maybe skill level) someone should be before they try a 2 wheeler?
a three wheeler?

If you can ride, you can ride a three-wheeler. You might want to try a normal giraffe first, but it’s not that different.

You should only bother learning to ride a two-wheeler if you’re an insane uni nut, like all the people who’ve learned to ride one. They have no practical purpose, not even for performance because they don’t look as impressive as a three-wheeler which is orders of magnitude easier to ride. Learn it if and only if you want to be able to say “hey, I can ride that thing and no one else can.”

I have a a pair of 2 wheel extensions, so that I can have a 2 or 3 wheeled unicycle.

As mentioned above, if you can ride unicycle, you can ride a 3 wheeler. The main difference between a 1 wheeler and a 3 wheeler, other than the height, is that it is harder to pedal due to having 3 wheels to get rotating. Tyre pressures need to be adjusted, the top and bottom tyres need to be hard, the middle needs to be softer. Too soft and the tyres will slip, too hard and the 3 wheeler will get harder to pedal. I haven’t tried freemounting my 3 wheeler yet, I imagine it would be the same as a running mount on a normal giraffe uni. Yep it’s about 7ft high, and great fun.

As for 2 wheeled unicycles, they are hard to learn, and again tyre pressures need to be adjusted. It’s hard to get your head round the idea of leaning forwards and pedaling backwards to go forwards, but after the uni throws you at the ground a few times for leaning forwards and pedaling forwards, it kinda sinks in. I can freemount my 2 wheeler, not a running mount yet, just foot to the pedal and step up. It has taken me about 6 hours solid to get to the stage i’m at with the 2 wheeler, I can ride about 50 metres on it, not really controlled yet, more keeping the uni upright as it goes where it wants.

With both the 3 and the 2 wheelers, the bolts for the extension need to be done up tight, and ideally the extension needs to be alighed right, otherwise the wheels will slip off eachother. Also, try not to drop them, this can bend the frame / extensions, and will bend and stretch the bolts. Apart from few bad points, they are worth a go, and they are fun.


I have a three wheled, and i’m planning to put more 2 wheels on it!

It’s really fun, i can’t free mount it, i never tried to be honest, but i can ride one footed… I tried to ride it with 2 wheels… IT’S REALLY HARD.

Riding a 3 wheeled unicycles you can win a lot of money compared to a normal girafe (in my opinion is more impressive). But in a normal giraffe you can do some tricks. I think that was Dustin Schaap who did a unispin with his giraffe in a K1 movie.

Woh, 3 wheeled uni :smiley: Take some pics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A whole lot of help! thanks.

Someone (sorry i just dont remember and whiel im typing this message…) said that i should only get the 2 wheeler if im a uni nut and i am. Most of you know that i street perform so i think the 2 wheeler and the 3 wheeler will look fantastic! Im sure ill make more money…to buy more unicycles of course! Its just im not very good at idiling yet although ive been riding a uni for 2 years! :angry: I hope i can get tyre pressure rite im sure ill find the rite pressure.

Did I mention that i ride a 5 foot giraffe? (well the seat post is like down as low as it goes so probably not completely 5 foot)

5 wheels! wow. id like to see a pic or vid of you riding it.

2 wheeler vid. Not great quality, and might wanna flip the monitor or your head on its side, lol. It’s 4 clips of progress from 2 hours solid trying to ride it.

3 wheeler vid. This was the first time on the 3 wheeler. Again, not great quality, but you can see it, lol just.



I just remembered, I very much would like to know how many people in the world that can ride a 2-wheeler cos if i can tell my school, friends, class, and publlic that only say…50 people can do this in the world…! :astonished: :smiley:

And can you free mount a 3 wheeler like i can mount my 5 foot giraffe? ( sorry for more questions… )