Multi Unis during Skills Levels

I’m comfortable with most stuff on my 24-incher but “seat on stomach” seems easier with smaller wheel/cranks because my knees don’t have to come up so far. (This is just theory at present).

Is it OK to switch to a different Uni for a particular skill?

Hey Memphis…

From what I know, I think that you ARE allowed to change uni’s inbetween skill levels; not in the middle of a level!


The USA Rulebook is available on the Web:

USA has more detailed skill level rules, including the one that says the entire level must be done on a single unicycle.

The IUF Rulebook is also on the Web:

The IUF skill level rules do not specify whether you can change unicycles, or many other details.

But, uh, like, would it be ok if you, like, changed riders but kept the same cycle? I’m think’n that I might-could pass level 5 that way. You know? ‘Hey, Tommy, I’m get’n to the harry part with the toung wheel walk- tag me out, man, tag me out!’ Uh, ya. Well?


If you’re identical twins you might be able to get away with it… :slight_smile:

And certainly not in the middle of a skill!

Oooooooo, just think of the possibilities. Chris, could you (or the twin) suicide mount, ride a bit, hop in place, leap over to another Uni and wheel walk away?