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i have had universe a while and i have watched it a few to many times now i have seen the unicycling i tend to watch the back ground.this is the best bit of the vid like the bits when they are in skateparks to see the skaters watching and open mouthed is sooo funny!! i think they must of got a bit of hassle when they go in the parks as we sometimes do or me at school mainly " it’s that unicycle boy why do you go in the park ect" so to see people who don’t uni watching almost with out blinking is amazing!!
i have always wondered the phone calls to get the music on the videos asking a band to be on a extreme uni vid must of been very strange for a band to hear!
also almost all sites say how nasty the green miyata is as a seat colour but every one has it in that colour why!!!?!!?

I’m with you on that seat color. I can’t believe that anyone ever produced a product with that color. Must have got a ton of that material at some amazing discount! So glad they make them in black now.

Personally, if I had bought a Uni with that color seat, as soon as they were available in other colors it would be gone.

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its because thats all they sent us for years,at least to the US so we had no choice but puke green

hey!! i like it

I have always liked that color, too.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Maybe to make them instantly recognizable at a distance, kinda like ‘Kawasaki green’.

i hate the colour but i hate in a strange way so i like??!? but i strangely would buy one it that colour cause i can really

I love the green…it matches the yellow of my muni frame really well and it gives a plain old unicycle a bit of character.


Two main reasons why the green seats are unpopular:

  1. Everyone else has one

  2. It’s a relatively ugly color, and doesn’t go well with the colors of other things on the unicycle (or clothing)

In the past few years, Miyata has made their unicycles in red, blue, and green. Until recent years, Miyata has only sent us what they felt like, which seemed to always be the green ones. This makes me think they weren’t that popular in Japan either.

Green is like the default color, or something, so they always come like that unless you request otherwise.

If I want to buy one of the black torker seats that are like the miyata’s, do I have to buy a Torker? Because I just want the seat.

Hate to break it to but the only color that green matches is the interior of my garbage can. And there is no such thing as a plain old unicycle to the majority of people in the world. If you ride the plainest unicycle, you’ll get the same looks as if you rode the strangest unicycle… ugly seat and all.:smiley:

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Hate to break it to but the only color that green matches is the interior of my garbage can.



it doesnt match anything but its cool because its the only thing in that color. if you saw it anywhere else you would say “hey look! its miyata green!”

Excuse me…how can you not agree that this is beautiful?!


I dunno if I’d call it beautiful, because I think I can see skin off your foot all over that pedal… Gross!


i like the green to, it kinda goes with any color unicycle frame and when ur riding no one really see’s the seat.


and maybe they made it such an ugly color so iin the future you would go " hey, remember that really ugly miyata seat?" if u say that then miyata has done there job on getting u to remember their products.:smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, I love the color of your Uni. But Dude, That seat isn’t helping… not even a little. Puke Green, White, and and Bright Yellow just don’t look that good together. If you think it does, I am signing you up for that show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” In case you haven’t heard of the show, five gay guys come to your house and set you straight on all things that have to do with fashion. ie… Which colors look good together.

JJuggle, I am a little suprised you like that green color, I thought red was more your color.:wink:

I don’t think they list it online, but I asked last time I called them: YES, you can buy the Torker black seat, if I’m remembering correctly it’s about $30US.

I like Miyata green. It is not my favourite shade of green but I would still choose it over red or blue. I think it would suit my unicycle (which is black) and some of my clothing (which is also black). It just so happens that I am ordering a black bumper not Miyata green, but it’s not because it’s ugly or everyone else has one. If everyone else had a black bumper I would still get one. I think your MUni looks good Andrew. Yellow is not my favourite colour, but I think it compliments Miyata green well.