Multi-sport days?

Before I road my bike to a golf course, play 18 holes of golf and road home. I used to every week, ride to tennis, play tennis, then ride home again. Lately I jsut uni all day (if its not too hot).

Jeez. The Raquette river. I’ve canoed there before. That is not a bad idea.

Wait - what are these suggestions doing coming from a Montanian? Who are you really, mboulanger?

steveyo, you found me out.

I’m a transplanted Vermonter who moved to Montana a year ago. I also attended Saint Lawrence University, and spent lots of time in the Adirondacks those years- including paddling on Tupper Lake, Long Lake, and the Raquette River. Maybe you could hook something up with the hand-operated locks on the Saranac Lakes too- lots of possibilities.

You ought to see if they’ll let you into the Adirondack marathon around Schroon Lake on a uni- I ran it twice, both times with my dad- the second time, he saw a bear at mile 17!

Last night I did unicycle for 2.5 hours, wine tasting for two hours, unicycle home for .5 hours.

I’m not sure if wine tasting counts as a sport, but it sure isn’t conducive to sensible unicycling.


Well, if you can count wine tasting, then I can count pub crawls. In which case, I’ve done several multi-sport days :smiley:


Biked 12 miles to work, after work biked 10 to play an hours 5 a side football (soccer for those of you in N America) then biked home 20 miles.

For a couple of years every week between September and May would bike to and from work, 17 miles each way and then go Rugby training two nights a week.

Bike/dragon boat race/bike.

Today’s multisport day consisted of looking at my muni and trying to remember where i put the pedals, shoveling snow for FOUR HOURS and then trying to open my bottle of buffered aspirin.