Multi-sport days?

Hey - I’m sure this isn’t new, but I was inspired by some things PatMoore said in the old farts thread.

What kind of multi-sport days have you had?

Bonus points (*) awarded if two or more sports were contiguous, that is one after the other somehow. One I did recently was a 10 mile 36er ride to play some ultimate.

Other combo-days I’ve been fortunate enough to have done:
ski/golf , ski/ultimate, rockclimb/ski, ski/bike*, run/bike*, bike/canoe*, rollerblade/canoe*, run/bike/ultimate*.

An easy one I haven’t gotten around to is uni/canoe.
Park car and remove uni and canoe
Put canoe in water body
Put uni in boat
Paddle to someplace x miles away near a road
Uni (or Muni) back x miles to car
Drive to and retrieve canoe

My life goal is to waterski and snowski in the same day.

I snowskied and unicycled yesterday, though. First ski day of the season, at Crystal mountain, with semi-bluebird skies (as in the troposphere, not the sticks of fun I rode on). It was stellar, and I was able to hit up some diamonds with style and grace on my first day of the season! Felt purdy good, I must say, despite the runny nose cold that I have.

I think I just heard Steve say, “I ment to post that in JC”. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone hiking and then rode unicycles. That’s about as multi-sporty as I get.

bike/hike/canoe…adventure race ftw.

Dwight Brooks and I used to do what we called the “trifecta.” We’d go to Malibu State Park or Point Mugu and climb in the morning, then swing by “Big Rock” (a good surfing join along the Malibu Coast) and bodysurf and surf kayak, then go to Golds Gym and lift weights and skip rope.

Last year a bunch of SB guys rode of the big Muni trials then rode in a parade in the afternoon. I almost fell asleep driving home to LA.


Oops. I accidentally put it in r.s.u. :o

That’s a pretty big day.

Nice. A man after my own heart.

At the beginning of the school year, I rode my bike 15 miles over hills with my 24" Quax and 2 liters of water on my back to go muniing. After that I was wiped, though, so I had to get a ride home sigh.

Lets see.

Distance - Trials - pogostick - hackysack - street - rock climbing - air soft - parkour - trials again.

That was a fun day, and theres a lot of days where ill do up to 10 sport activities. =p

Well, I work as an instructor at a local ski lodge. We were having a snow school party for the end of the year and we took the lift up at night and they shut off the lights. Then we broke out the flares on the end of poles and skiied down in formation. It was cool.

But then I got out the unicycle and tried to do some downhill snow unicycling. It was when I first got my 24, so I wasn’t that great. This year I want to do some crazy dowhill snowuni.

In Toronto I did freestyle, uni basketball, trials, eating, flaming puck unicycle hockey (only in Canada), then bowling.

Muni then a running race, Coker then running, XC skiing and running, XC skiing and uni, uhhhh, I think thats it, ive prolly done more though. Oh yeah, uni and ultimate.

dont try bc wheel roller bladeing

im still recovering:(

I just about always come home and unicycle after a full day of skiing. (snow skiing of course) I just can’t keep away from my unicycle, even when my legs are jelly from skiing all day.

i’ve had a lot of bike/uni days, and several bike/uni/'yak/run days. A couple bike/uni/yak/terp(sichore) days.


Back before I could unicycle me and my dad would do many multi sport days, boy, we would do everything from 11-9, those were his visitation hours, we would bowl, and play football and soccer and lacrosse. The most we ever did was five in one day, but one or two might have only been for like 20 minutes.

On a good day

It’s what is working at the time or conveinant.
My friend has a 4 man outrigger canoe and he lives close to a skatepark. He lives far away on the other side of the island (40 mins).

(1)I hit the skatepark at 7am and play in the bowls. (2)Ready to paddle at 8am after my friend drops his kids off at school. It’s a 20min paddle one way in the canoe to the surf spot.(3) The surf spot is over a mile off shore but it’s not very crowded. We anchor the canoe and surf for couple hours.
Then home for lunch. (4) Afternoon could be kitesurf or MUni depending on the weather. Or the gym as last resort. Hate gym

You just need to figure out how to transport the canoe on the Uni, maybe get one of those wheelsets that strap onto one end and then pull the canoe back to your car. That or you coudl balance it over your head.

Water ski/windsurf
MTB/kite surf
water ski/rock climb
snow ski/scuba dive
snow shoe/ice skate/night downhill ski
MTB race in am/ Muni in PM

I LOVE the multi sport days!! Those are just off the top of my head.

good thing you didn’t scuba dive/snow ski and get bent with bends:D

Keep crosstraining and keeping it fun.

multi sports

I skied and played golf on Saturday (and snowboarded on Sunday) but my efforts pale in comparison to a friend of mine. She’s 67 and an avid ski racer. About six weeks ago, she and I played golf (walking 18 holes). I went home to veg out. She went home to weed her garden, then biked 15 miles and then went kayaking! She was on the course again the next morning at 7 am.

I’ve had lots of days that involved uni, running/hiking, and some cycling.

Steveyo, for your uni/canoe adventure, may I humbly suggest something along the Raquette River? OOH! Even better- put in at Tupper Lake near town, paddle the length of the lake, have a swim by the nice stone bridge, then ride back in time for brunch at the Lumberjack, if it still exists there…