"Multi-function" unicycle w/brake for $88!? (NEW)

It IS a unicycle, but there’s more to it. :smiley: Probably low quality, even though they claim “high quality”, but it does have a brake.

They have the same thing on UDC and a few other sites, I think there is even a broken one at busteduni.com

thats pretty neato

that would be terrible for learning to ride on.

“Crank Chainwheel length 127L to cooperate with larger pedal”
Nice translation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll put in a plug for the Uniquo.

Mine survived two people learning on it and 1 year of beginner trials. The highest drop I did on it was off a picnic table onto flat ground, and hundreds of 1-2 foot drops. (150lb rider) Finally the hub snapped, the wheel was still perfectly true and there was no rust on the uni, even though I rode it under/in water quite a few times. I’d recommend the uni/stunt bike. I never used the front end much however, except I would ride normally, pull a wheelie, then disconnect the front wheel.

For a cheap-ish priced uni the seat is not too uncomfortable and durable.

It would made a good show unicycle/stunt bike or even a good beginner’s 20" trials unicycle.

Riding with the front end would not really teach you to unicycle, I could actually ride the unicycle part of it before I could wheelie the thing. The brake only works with the handle bars attached, you might be able to mod it though.

That was the first unicycle in my family. My son learned to ride on it and even managed a couple of 9 mile rides on gravel roads before we upgraded him to a Torker DX. With the front end attached it is interesting to ride since it pivots around both the front and back forks.

100 dollers to anyone who can pedal the bike part effectively

Those “dollers” should probably go to David Stone, who pedaled one on the Today Show for a promotion of the new cycle.

“effectively” is subject to a lot of opinion. It’s a 20" wheel with no gearing, so the effect is going to be slow!

that isn’t a unicycle! what do you do, detach the front?

those are actually quite fun to play around on

once you get past the ‘i’m a unicyclist so i hate everything that doesn’t have only one wheel’ and get to play around with other weird contraptions, you see the fun in a whole lot of wacky inventions, although they are not tecnically unicycles. ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that’

that looks like it would be pretty fun to ride. also, is the song you don’t want to hear eleanor rigby? cause you could substitute brian mackenzie with father mackenzie.jw

i reckon if you could learn to ride that like a unicycle (ie doin a wheelie) that would be awesome, but the handlebars being able to turn would be pretty off putting…

I had one. Still do!! It’s a good beginner uni.
It’s fun to play with and took a beating.
As a unicycle the only downfall is, it’s HEAVY.
A basic Torker would be a better choice if you are seriously into learning how to ride.