Multi day XC Muni: Equipment suggestions

Hey everyone.

I am getting more and more into long distance XC riding and am considering some multi day trips and am just wondering if anyone has any sparkling advice- or tips to divulge.

I have done a self supported road tour in the past and learned a lot from that-
Less is more, if you have space you will fill it, cycling nics and handlebars are good etc. Ultimately what i am planning is to do a lot of multiple day (5/6 day) rides of around 50-100km (per day) in the Triol region in Italy around the time of the next Unicon.

In terms of gear this is the type of set up i currently have
-down sleeping bag
-micro (hip/shoulder) thermarest
-Bivy bag
-Mosquito net
-Thermals/riding gear

  • Trangia (metho cooker)
  • micro towel

What i am looking for now is a medium sized pack to fit this as well as basic tools, water bladder, food, and most likely my dslr camera. I’m not sure how small i can go with my pack though. I get the feeling a 30-40l pack would be about in the range i’m looking in. Does anyone have any models or advice they could give me about back packs? or multi day muni trips in general?


depending on location of ride, water access could be bad. when i camp i bring a water filter, but for you i would suggest the pills that purify the water. unless you will be near people, that is.

What Trangia set do you have? Do you have the 1.0 liter pots or the 1.5/1.75 liter set? The 1.0 liter one seems too small to cook a significant portion of pasta or rice, etc. My friend had the larger set (the 25-series) and it was amazing on our bicycle tour, I’ve been meaning to pick up my own stove/pot set now, but am debating the 27 series vs the 25 series.

Anyway, as far as additional advice, I don’t really have much to add as your gear list is pretty top notch. Make sure to bring some water purification tabs/pills. Also, wet wipes and gold bond powder = do wonders while on tour.

i did several trips in the alps (multidays), because there are cabins all over the place (just choose a smart route), that is what you’ll need:

silk sleeping bag (there are enough blankets i the cabins) a

staying in a cabin is the easiest way, and if you plan to do more then two days, everthing else is getting to heavy and uncomfortable to ride with in the alps (singletrails), but if you do only easy XC maybe it’s also possible.
Became a member of one of the alp clubs makes it cheaper to stay and eat in the cabins.

about the water: in the alps you can drink all the water without filtering it!

don’t forget: we’ll organize the “Grischa Muni Challenge” around the unicon!