Muggles are so easily impressed

I’m thinking about participating in a bike event (the Evolution Revolution Ride in Salisbury, Md., on April 13), so I sent them an email asking if unicycling would be OK. I got back the following response:

Hi Mark!

If you can ride a unicycle for almost 7 miles, that would amaze everyone!
That is acceptable for our event!

Carol Morris
Event Coordinator
Southern Boys Concepts

For those interested, here’s the registration page:

I guess you should ride it on a 16" wheel so you can impress the non-muggles too. :smiley:

I do have a 20-inch wheel, though I’ll probably go with the 29er. I wouldn’t want to disappoint the masses.

Why do you call non-riders muggles…I know the reference from Harry Potter, but I see nothing magical or alien about unicycling. I think this is where the weird stigma originates from.

People passing me often act like unicycling is magical.

In Harry Potter, muggles were anyone outside of the magical world, anyone outside of the wizard’s group. In the real world the same word is used to describe someone who is not in your group. Here, muggles are non-unicyclists. It has nothing to do with “magical” and “non-magical” people or activities, it is simply whether the person described is in the same group as you. This is not unique to unicyclists, this is commonly used in the smaller, more unique sports/activities.

Thank you for this. I will now think of anyone who can’t unicycle as a muggle. Somehow that hadn’t occurred to me before.

Cool! I’d do it but I live way to far away…

Actually the term 'muggle was used before Harry Potter was published. Originally, a muggle was a person who smoked marijuana and was used mostly in New Orleans circa 1920.

Sorry, I had to say it.

I figured it was because some of us ride a Nimbus… the same name as a model of flying broom in HP, at least that’s the connection everyone I know makes when they see Nimbus, and from there muggle for non-riders.

Actually non riders would be more impressed by a big wheel. It’s more there to gain their attention and I doubt they would understand the difficulty of distance on a small wheel. I say go big.

In Piers Anthony’s Xanth series anyone outside of Xanth lived in Mundania, and were called Mundanes. I always liked that, but muggles works just as well. :smiley:

I do consider unicycling to be magical. It’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

I second that! I always have thought my Nimbus 29" Touring unicycle is similar to Harry’s Nimbus 2000. Therefore Slytherin Draco have Nimbus 2001 is similar to Nimbus 29" Drak/road unicycle :smiley: