Had a novel experience last night: On my way home, was unicycling through a
gap in a fence between two roads - my first time ever successfully making it
up the kerb, and over the bumpy section - when 3 youths jumped me. One of
them held me in a headlock, one threw my unicycle on to the roof of a nearby
shed, and the third wrested the bag I was carrying from my hands. Luckily,
there was nothing of great value in my bag (except perhaps the sentimental
value of the 3 balls with which I learned to juggle 10 years ago). The lads
ran away leaving me shocked and panicked, but glad that they were making away
with 40 Euro worth of stuff, while I retained the 50 Euro in my back pocket,
and my 180 Euro unicycle.
I suppose the moral of the story is to be more vigilant when unicycling alone
after dark.

Re: mugging

Has anyone else ever been mugged while unicycling? That is pretty weird. I
live in NYC and have never had that experience. I try to be careful, but
there are times I ride the streets at night. It may be that I’m scaring
people away with the submachine gun I carry around.


Oooooh, nasty. Poor you :frowning:

Well, look on the bright side, you’ve still got your uni :slight_smile:


That is quite crappy. Glad you weren’t hurt physically and from the sound of it you’re psychically more or less ok. One can never be too careful, but then on the other hand one can spend too much time being too careful.

Perhaps you’ve now met your quota of assaults while unicycling.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

As JJuggle said that is really crappy. I wonder why those things always happen to people who are ill equipped to retaliate. I have 30 years of martial arts experience, and nothing like that happens to me. Maybe I just am more aware and never put myself in those positions, or maybe I am just lucky. Last time I had a confrontation, a guy was beating up on his wife in public and I stepped in to defend her. That has been at least 5 years.
I know it isn’t my intimidating size, since I am only 5’ 8’’ and about 165. I can say this, they would rue the day the pulled me off my Uni. :smiley:

That’s why I live in the back woods of North Carolina, where you’re more likely to hit a deer on your uni than get mugged…

Glad to hear you are OK!

Sorry to hear about that Joseph, hope it doesn’t bring you down, I know from experience that it’s easy to dwell on things like this.

Let’s hope Jjuggles right-

Perhaps you’ve now met your quota of assaults while unicycling.

Re: mugging

I live in Limerick, Ireland - historically a wealthy city, and hence one with
more visible class division than other cities I know, and hence a lot more
people living in hardship.
I’ve only been unicycling for 2 months now, but I’ve noticed that you do
attract the attention of virtually every person that sees you. I presume
that this is true in most parts of the world. (is this the case?)
An interesting point is that when walking alone, If I was approaching a badly
lit passageway, and I saw 3 youths whispering to each other, and watching me
approach, its very likely that I would sense potential danger, and turn
around and go back. But on a unicycle, I’ve grown so used to peoples varying
reactions that while I noticed the 3 guys reacting to me, I didn’t perceive
any threat until they were actually on top of me.



My condolences on your attack, and congratulations on surviving relatively unscathed and able to wax philosophical!

Take care out there!

The answer to this is quite simple.

Successful predators generally seek out and select prey that are less likely to be able defend themselves or escape, while avoiding those who may require excessive effort to subdue or be able to damage the predator.

This is no indictment of Joseph.

He was outnumbered, unsuspecting, and was caught in a trap which was, regrettably, of his own design.
I’m guessing those three often lurk at that gap, and have probably mugged others there successfully in the past.

Unsuccessful predators, on the other hand, wind up like this .

Joseph, did you report this incident to the police?
It’s a good bet those slimeballs are still out and about, probably in the same location, waiting for their next victim, and easy for the cops to pick up.


I often go riding around my University campus at night. The path to the campus is unlit and the site of many a mugging, and a few (sadly) violent rapes and other such attacks.

My technique works this way - I make myself scarier than the people out there - that is to say, I make myself look like a violent SOB who is out there for bad purposes. I do this if I am walking alone/unicycling alone.

How? I wear a big, woolen, black balaclava. I wear my black pants and black jumper, then a big black overcoat over the lot…maybe even a scarf (it gets cold in my part of australia)…gloves set off the outfit, and while i’m not big, it is an imposing sight to behold.
The balaclava is usually enough to scare the living daylight out of anyone on the path-most people assume i’m up to something no good. I once encountered a group of 7 teens - they wandered onto the path out of the middle of nowhere (I live in rural australia) and approached me. I thought it was pretty obvious what they were doing there…they looked pretty suss and one carried a stick. I think from a distance they assumed I would be easy prey but once they got a look at me close up they decided against it.

So yeah - make yourself scarier than the people you are scared of, and you should be safe…

I wonder how mean you can look on a unicycle?

Heh heh

Good to hear you weren’t hurt.

In this situation, do what I would do. Lay down and start bawling your eyes out. :frowning:

yeah unlucky mate, but there are a few safety things you can take into consideration:

  1. Get this to travel in when your not unicycling:

  2. Mount several of these round your house: (I recommend the 1.5million volt one)

  3. Get a big stick, and shout a lot and look generally “hard”.



Has no one petitioned the university to light this path?
I still find it amazing that these “Institutions of Higher Learning” continue to fail to provide safe environs for their students and staff.
Electricity is pretty cheap in most developed nations.

Everyone can help improve the safety in their own neighborhoods for all, by reporting people who appear to have obviously dubious intentions (and I don’t mean skateboarders!).

dont worry - I dont think skateboarders are evil or wrondoers by nature…I was s skater myself until I discovered the way of the uni.

As for the path - There are two. One travels along the edge of a road and is excessivly well lit. This is the one with security ‘help points’, and security cars employed by the university driving past every half an hour.
The problem is this road goes the ‘long’ way back to the colleges (there are seven colleges and most students live in them), and adds a fair bit to the trip.
The other, quicker path is known dubiously as ‘the goat track’ and has recently been asphalted and widened. It goes through sections of bushland(forest for my american cousins), open field and tree lined slopes. It has no lighting except for the start and finish and is about 3km’s long. It is the preffered way of getting to the university as it is faster than the other way.
Most students use this path to travel, but the numbers drop at nighttime. Security is trying to convince people to travel alongside the road, but it does go a looong way out of the way.

When we are walking to the pub at the university (wednesday nights are ‘student’ nights and we get free drinks), we make sure there are always groups of four, with at least one guy (no girls should walk alone, too dangerous)…and quite often one of us guys will carry a big ass stick to look mean (whilst really we are scared little students).

In my first year a friend of mine came home covered in blood. She had been attacked, when she was walking alone, by two men - one with a piece of broken glass. he cut up her face, chest and arms. When another group of students arrived (about ten people) the two men ran away.
We took her to hospital and called the police, who later caught the guys (on another wednesday night).

On a side note - the university church (which i am not associated with, I am an atheist, so no religious debates here) runs a service for people walking down the goat track…people wearing bright orange vests with big torches are provided to walk single girls and couples up and down the track…I think I might offer to do it on my unicycle on the nights I dont go out…well see.

So mr hair, dont despair, for when it comes to nighttime safety we are all well aware.


ps. I thought you handled the send f**ry thing well.

Bad luck, and glad you weren’t too badly hurt. I doubt that the unicycle was a major factor in the attack. In fact, giving them something large and precious to throw on the roof was probably a diversion which saved you a kicking.

These are the Western values which we promote around the world, by force if necessary. :0(

Society formed so that people could protect themselves and each other against the hazards in the environment: wild animals, famine, marauding enemies and so on.

Society is now so big that it has become the environment. So we form sub-sets of society (like the church someone mentioned) so that the members can protect themselves and each other from the hazards in the environment: muggers, thieves, rapists, swindlers…

And sooner or later, those sub-sets become big enough to be the entire environment for some people, and they form cliques, or offshoots, or splinters… and so on.

You can’t do much to make it better, but you can do your bit not to make it worse. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t walk through the jungle alone and unprotected; don’t assume you have a right to walk through the human jungle alone and unprotected. It’s not nice, but that’s how it is.

Re: mugging

twigman wrote:
> yeah unlucky mate, but there are a few safety things you can take into
> consideration:

To resurrect Phil’s old .sig:
“Cattle Prods solve most of life’s little problems”

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
Recumbent cycle page:
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

Re: Re: mugging

I noticed when I went to your link, that we have the same birthday, I am 7 years older though.:smiley:


Thats why you need to create or join a unicycle gang! If anybody tried to mug a member of Hell On Wheel, he would be living in fear for the rest of his life.

Sorry about what happened.

Re: mugging

Well thanks for all the sympathy. I would say I’m far from an unimposing
figure - 6’2 and 220lb. But I’m not the kind who would put up a fight or
even know how to, and I certainly don’t look ‘hard’. I did alert the police,
a squad car arrived within 15 minutes (thumbs up!), but the two guys in it
were great stereotypes. One was about 55yrs old, and asked a total of 2
questions: “were they itinerants?”*, and “are you sure they weren’t
itinerants?”. The other guy was a trainee and an idiot. He didn’t remember
my name after I told him it 3 times, and he couldn’t spell ‘Joseph’ or
‘McGinley’ (both popular names here in Ireland). I gave a brief description
of my assailants, and I saw that he wrote down only “3 lads”. I then spotted
3 lads looking at us, and then running away. I pointed this out to the nice
trainee policeman, so they got back in the car and drove off with a screech
of tyres - in the wrong direction. That was the end of the matter. I didn’t
get any satisfaction from them, but I did get a bit of a chuckle at their
stereotypical monumental incompetence and/or indifference.

*(‘itinerants’, or ‘members of the travelling community’, are a minority
ethnic(?) group in Ireland who live in caravans, traditionally trade in
horses and scrap metal, and suffer from a lot of discrimination from everyone
else in Ireland)

Re: Re: mugging

couldn’t spell joseph but could say itinerants?
they breed them weird in ireland!