Muddy Rides

Maybe I’m doing it wrong. But I really don’t like MUni on very very muddy trails. A little along the way is fun. We even aim for it. But too much sucks the fun out of the ride.

In contrast, I love running the trails in the rain/mud. And I love riding my (neglected) mountain b*ke in the slop.

We’re having a banner wet spring these days and I’m jonesing for some good MUni. But…I hate to say…I’m not enjoying it if there’s an overabundance of mud. Heck, its raining ever other day here. Gullywashers too. Tornados. Flash flood warnings…

So, what to do? I ride the 29 (weee), or flit and twirl around on the Frankenstein 24" (woo hooooo).

Fun, but not the same.

Is there a specific technique?

I think the trick with mud being fun is to try and ride it fast. When there’s quite a lot of mud, it’s often easy to slow down and maybe even hop through it or just pedal really slowly.

If you really blast through it, you get the excitement of sliding around at really high speeds whilst riding through stuff you’d never believe you could. Oh and falling off quite a lot. I think mud is really good for flowing trail riding as opposed to trialsy riding.

It’s also worth experimenting with different tyres and pressures to see what works for you. Some people like a really narrow 700c/29er tyre for mud as it can cut right down to the bottom (eg. michelin mud cyclocross - green miyata coloured), some people like a low pressure gazz or similar, so you can ride on the top of the mud.


Narrow tire to cut to the bottom?

Now there’s something that never occured to me. I’ll give 'er a try.