Which tires for slick conditions? Wondering if there’s a mudder option.

I just came back with my 24x3 Duro loaded with mud in not really muddy, but damp clay single track trails. I was a bit surprised at how quickly the tires loaded up. I was sliding a lot once the tires were loaded, and not shedding the mud. Skating downhill, and hopping uphill was a challenge, on what became about a 4" wide virtually slick tire, and with a much heavier uni.

My favorite tire for muddy conditions is the maxxis swamp thing. It works awesome in the mud and the lugs are spaced far enough apart that they help keep it from loading up w/ mud or snow. It has really great bounce, and the only problem I’ve had was that in non-muddy conditions it could be TOO grippy. Also, it can be squirrely on pavement. Both problems only occur when tire is new, once tread wears down about halfway it’s exellent all around

(I have used this tire a lot on dry as well, it’s on the uni in my avatar, it’s awesome in gravel and loose dirt also)