"much to the delight of all my lady-fans"...

…of which there are none, i updated my unicyclist.com gallery page.


remember that video i asked for advice on? all of this media is from the footage for it. i only put a small amount of stuff on there so i won’t give away the ending, but you’ll get a taste for what will be on it. although this footage is from what will be the “worse” section for me because i’ve improved since a lot of this was taken, this video will also be showing my progress. before i said i decided to go with a short video, but now i realize by the time i have enough footage for a good short video, i’ll basically have enough for a good long one. so eventually, hopefully sometime next year, all of this footage will go into a video which i will then try to distribute, not for capital.

all pictures and video clips in the gallery are of me unless otherwise specified. there are a lot of pictures of other people, but a lot less video clips because i have way more footage of myself then anyone else and i wouldn’t want to show all the footage of one person i only got a few shots of. people that are included in this footage besides me are my teacher and friend david poznanter; and my friends dan heaton, kris hellen, scott bond, and bruce bundy.

hope you enjoy it.

oh i almost forgot, for andrew and those who were discussing crappy crank climbs, i do the crappiest. so in video clips look under “up and off a picnic table”, and the one that says “trials line” in it, for two crappy crank climbs i did soon after i had just learned the skill.

very nice! I am impressed by everything- especially the grinds.
Anyway- how are your seat out hops going? I started learning after your post about about it (including your 15" hop video). Today I landed a few 20" and 21" hops and i am working up the guts to try a 23" hop onto a stone bench.

The crank grabs to rubber look good :slight_smile:

thanks. nice hops! that’s my future goal, a bench or something like it. i take somewhat of an all or nothing approach to practice so i do a lot at once, wear myself out, and usually am sore for a few days at least. i don’t know if this is a bad thing to do or not. i tried to go out today but i was still too sore. either tomorrow or the next day i’ll go out again and try and make some improvement. good to hear you’re working at the hopping and making progress.

i do the same thing
i practice one trick nonstop for one day- and then a little bit for each day following, working on something new each day. I have also been working on rolling hops (which i still cannot do well enough to jump some major obstacles) and idling with my right foot (i am used to idling with left). Also, today I learned how to touch the ground while on the unicycle. i had seen this as a skill on a website but I was not sure of the particualrs. I have a 24 so i cant touch while riding, but i hop in place with seat out, and bend down pushing the seat to the side so I can reach far enough. Even though this is pretty much pointless, it was fun to practice!

Very nice! I thought that crank grab on the picnic table was really smooth. Keep up the good work!


it’s rather handy for picking up juggling clubs as trying to learn juggling-while-idling involves a lot of dropping-while-falling-off, closely followed by dropping-while-grimly-hanging-on-for-dear-life, eventually evolving to dropping-while-idling
i’m kinda stuck there for a while so i thought i’d work on picking up clubs while riding
another interesting journey that involves bending down reeaaallll far and putting your nose in places it really shouldn’t be
like the ground in front of u
i pick up clubs while stil in the seat of my 20"
wouldn’t want to try it on a 24" just yet

its not smooth or efficient at all when i do it- i hop until i am balnced, lean down, put my seat to the side, reach way down and touch with the tip of my finger, and hop like crazy to keep my balance! My seat is high and i ahve a 24 with 3" wide tire, which makes it no easier :slight_smile:

so andrew, hope that helps a bit. i was using two hands for balance and crouching down a lot. i think now i could probably do it with one hand though. also if you’re using a 24" it’s way harder. another skill i found that helped a lot was being able to unispin because you’re not afraid to “stick it” and just clamp down on the pedals once you’ve gotten over the obstacle.

Yeh, I’ll have to try with two hands. It’s raining now and yesterday I had trouble finding places to try it that were suitable. I didn’t want to scratch my cranks or pedals nor damage public property. I’ve tried a few time with milk crates but they fall over too easily and i find myself focusing on not making them fall over rather than sticking the grab. I’m alright with the first bit, it’s just going to rubber that i struggle with. I’ve done a few 180 unispins but I’m not confident with them. Thanks for the videos, they’re great. You make it look easy.


hopping practice update

hey muniracer! i just went out and practiced today. i realized that since i’m right “sided”, i jump with my right foot forward and use my right hand, i should practice hopping on my right side to equal my left. so i did the 15 inch three palette setup to my right side and got two video clips, one with the seat out and one with the seat under. by the way that 15 inch, three palette setup i can do easily on my left side either with the seat under or the seat out. so i decided to put another palette on and i actually made the hop! it’s 20 inches, 50 centimeters, and i’ve only done it with the seat under so far. check out all of the video clips of this stuff under the link that’s in my first post under the album title “hopping practice”.

also, there’s a video clip of me attempting a “suicide mount”, or what i seem to believe that means, in the stuff i just added. i saw it getting some hype on the board and decided to try it, check it out.

I just downloaded some more of those videos…there’s some amazing stuff in there. How can you possibly do a 50cm hop with the seat in? It doesn’t make sence! :slight_smile: My record’s 55cm with the seat out and I can’t help thinking that if you practiced with the seat out you could go another 10cm higher.


i do a rotation in my practice of seat under hop to the left, seat out hop to the left, seat under hop to the right, and seat out hop to the right, because that’s in order of what’s easiest for me. eventually i’ll have to only rely on seat out so i’ve been practicing it.

also, that 20 inches is just getting up to the heights muniracer and sabin have been doing. they should post some of their stuff if they can. :slight_smile:

Cool…so they’re doing more than 20" hops with the seat in?


my best seat in is 18"

sorry muniracer i guess i was just talking about sabin. i remember his high hop was 23 inches or something.

i’m not sure about the seat in though… i just thought i remembered those guys were doing 20+ hops :stuck_out_tongue: