Much Bloody Pain (pictures too!)

I just thought some of you might get a kick out of this. I was having an awesome time out in my front yard having “mastered” the 180 unispin when: the pedals did not come in contact with the feet upon my landing… enjoy. DX pedals rock no matter what. I refuse to wear leg armor no matter how dumb that is… scars baby!!! They prove what we are!!


By the way… the eyebrows and the nose aren’t cuts. Only the eyeballs and the smile are for real (and that isn’t blood dripping, thats a really LONG cut). I drew the rest in with a permanent marker later for kicks.

why is your watch on your ankle?

a friend of mine sports a tattoo on his ankle that is based, in part, on a chain-scrape he suffered after free-mounting a giraffe and riding straight into me
using some of the marks, he created a unicyclist juggling three balls

yeah, u r pretty stupid to do this kinda thing without the leg-armour
as long as u dont cost public money, ‘let those who ride, decide’

(like the qualification john?)

Hey, I figure its the SAME as a tattoo, less permanent, and much more meaningful.
What watch??? Hehehehe

Eventually the pedals will knock you so bad you won’t be able to ride. Then you’ll get the leg armor. That happened to my roommate. He refused to purchase leg armor because the cuts didn’t bother him. When he got whacked so bad it hurt to walk and ride for days he bought armor. Until then have fun with your bloody shins.

  • Sal

personaly i wear pads primarily because it increases my feeling of invincibility. i’ll try things that are much bigger/harder when i’m wearing pads.

go to the skatepark, look for the realy good riders and ask them why they wear such baggy trousers, the chances are that they’ll be wearing pads.

i don’t realy like the mtb chic look. so i generaly wear army fatigues that are a bit too big so that i can fit my pads on underneath.

yet another reason I don’t like pads…

so hot!!! you sweat so hard in those things and they really only protect the front of your legs ( I have a pair of 661s) not the back and I end up getting cut anyway. I’ve been riding for five years and I just feel that they really restrict movement and (I hate to be style concious) they look horrible (though you’ve got a great idea there about the baggy pants… then again, I find that when I wear baggy pants they get caught in the wheel. so… thats my full explanation.

There are plenty of brands out there that protect the calves as well. I use Azonic leg armour which is a full wrap around neoprene armour with a hard shell for the shins and knees. No bloody calves for me any more!

Yes, they are hot to wear but every once in a while I’ll smash my legs really badly and not hurt anything. At that point I remember back to the days before I wore leg armour and am thankful for the pain I’m not feeling.

I still do uni spins and the like without leg armour (but with smooth plastic pedals) And yes, I’ve drawn plenty of blood with only smooth pedals too.