MUC - We are in today's newspaper

We are in today’s local newspaper, The Commercial Appeal.

The article is pretty good except that the writer confused trials and trails.

and I don’t work for the Naval Support Activity Mid-South, I work for NSA, LLC, but I guess they had to have the letters stand for something. It did, however, use to be National Safety Associates.

Also, I believe I said that unicycling is the only consistent exercise I have gotten since college, but not that I have been riding since college.

But other than that, it was pretty good.

Nice article. I really need to come over to Memphis sometime to ride with you guys. If you ever plan another muni road-trip I can take you around my backyard trails in Monte Sano S.P. (Huntsville, AL); Oak Mountain (Birmingham) is also nice.

You are welcome to join us any time. A road trip sounds like fun but not likely to be in my near future with us currently trying to build a house. Some of the other guys might be able to pull off a trip though.

‘trail!!’ lol:D