MUC on the MTBR Forum

Hey Tommy, you guys made the mountain bike forum today.


Thanks Mojoe! I wondered if those pic would ever get loaded. I’m the Big Guy.
We sure had a good time that day!!! --chirokid–

Ha! A MTBer just made my sig. Glad to see us one wheelers breaking into the MTB forum.

just wondering if anyone else noticed the " it looks like MTB unicycling must make for a real workout."

sounds a bit funny to me.


Hey, thanks Mojoe! Man-O-Man, we had an awesome ride that day! There was another rider with us, too, but he bolted just as the guy with the camera appeared. It was a 85º day near the middle of November! (I love living in the South!)

We are slowly building a Tennessee-wide community (which is hard because the state is about 500 miles across). In the picture we represented all three sections of the state. We are planning on calling a regional ride for the late spring. It doesn’t take much planning to make a bunch of unicyclist happy. Stay tuned for coming details!


Hope I can make it to your spring ride. I could use a shot of warm weather right now. We have settled into winter big time in SW PA. I haven’t seen green grass in my back yard for toooooo long. My yard is sloping and facing north and has pine trees all across the south end. Snow is always on my property long after it’s melted for everyone else in the area. My trials course is patiently waiting a good thaw.

On the positive side, I tried my first suicide mount today in the gym and hit the floor pretty hard…shoulda had my wrist guards on! It just dawned on me today that this mount would be perfect to work on outside, in snow and with leg armor. Any falls would be softened by the snow.

Great pics!


Chirokid, I was sitting here in this 30 degree weather thinking how in the H3LL did he get that sweaty! Fortunately Tommy cleared it up for me saying it was 85. You must drink a lot of fluids on the trail! Looks like you guys had a great time. I think you should make the next ride in Chatanooga. :smiley: That would be pretty dooable for those of us in ATL.

Edit: I started suicide mounting yesterday. I don’t think I missed on 3 out of about 30 mounts on both my 20" and the 24" . Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Of course to someone who can’t do it, it looks insane!

With all this talk of the winter freeze I am reminded, again, how much I’m looking to forward to our partly cloudy skies and 58º today. Sure, we may have to sweat through 85º late fall days (and please don’t even mention July!) but we, too, get to sweat through January and February days - sometimes.

Tommy :sunglasses:

damn none of the mtbreview pages seem to work properly on my laptop. Somethin to do with javascript I think. It does work ok on my other computer, does anyone know how I can get the javascript workin? I’m usin IE6 with WinXP.


winXp doesnt come with JAVA. You can go here:

…to download the java runtime environment. You want to download the first option (32-bit for Windows/Linux/Solaris… under JRE).

I dont know what Microsoft was thinking. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your success with the suiccide mounts. I still need to get over the mental factor. I don’t know what happened when I went down, but I slammed my left wrist hard enough that I have postponed further attempts temporarily. At times I’m fairly aggressive with my riding, but I try to balance it with some caution. I have found that 47 years of living has resulted in a body that heals a little slower. I’m trying to pace myself so I can still ride when I’m 80. :wink:


Hey Guys! Yes, we had a great ride that day. Today, I got to sweat some more. My daughters and I did another Christmas Parade. It started at 1:30 PM, outside temp. of 37 degrees with wind. Only my face and hands were cold, but I still sweated, even on this cold day.

Speaking of sweat, I have lost 53 pounds in the last 4 months. I started at 276 lbs. When the above picture was taken, I was about 248 pounds. Now i top off the scales at a mean :slight_smile: 223 lbs. I still sweat, but it is amazing how much easier I ride with 50 less pounds on the saddle.

Chiro, that weight loss is awesome man, congratulations!

Congratulations on the weight loss. I am sure Sid would be proud.:smiley:

I was 205 back in February, on my short frame that is about 40+ more than I should weigh. I now weigh about 162 pretty consistantly. I go up or down a couple of pounds, but have held this weight for about 6 months. So I know how good you must be feeling. What do you think is an optimal weight for you? Are you close?

Thanks for the Congrats guys.

Bugman, it sounds like you have done great with getting more fit too, way to go! Everyone says I should stop where I am, at 223, but I really feel like 190 to 200 would be optimal for my longevity and overall health. But best of all, Tommy might have to look at my back on the trials then :).

It is funny, I look at pictures of myself 40 lbs ago and I can’t believe how heavy I was. Now I hear all the time I am too skinny. Funny thing is those people are all and I mean all overweight. I don’t know why they can’t just be happy for the healthful choice I have made. I am pretty happy with the weight I am at. I could still loose 5 around the middle, and if I do great, but I am solid. I weighed 150-165 all through my military service, and never was told I looked to thin. Hell at 165 I was a lean mean fighting machine. I am still fairly muscular.

Great job on the weight loss guys. This country doesn’t understand what a proper weight is any more because we have so many people who are overweight. Lean is good, plump is bad.

With so many good tasting, but often “bad for you” foods around, it’s hard to stay at an ideal weight. I have worked at keeping my weight at a decent level, but still felt the need to drop 15 pounds this year. So far I’ve only managed about 10 pounds. To drop the weight that you have both done takes a lot of discipline. I have great respect for what you have done.

Isn’t it a great help to have a sport like uni to help keep the exercise fun? Running and working out at the gym is just soooooo boring!


Well said Bill.

Living a disciplined life is hard, in all areas, not just with the temptations of food. But, in the end, it is worth it. I read a quote several months ago that has really inspired me, it says, “What weighs more: The weight of discipline or the weight of regret?”

The gym has been my friend. It allows me to workout on my mid-day break if the weather is too hot, wet or cold. But, like most, I would much rather be outside, on the uni or muni. --chirokid–

Good work bugman!

And just think, at 162lbs your should be able to jump 25% higher and drop 25% further than before with no additional stress to you uni(s) :slight_smile:

Hey duaner,

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Thanks, I haven’t measured yet, but I think your right. I can jump about an inch higher!