MUC on local news

Members of Memphis Unicycle Club were on our local Fox news affiliate this morning. They did a video shoot of us lastweek for a report about Mountain Unicycling. This morning, we got our 2 minutes of fame.

The shoot lastweek turned out to be a good workout. They wanted us to ride and ride and ride. It took an hour of riding to get 2 minutes of video story. The video shots were good but you have to be careful what you say on camera. The tone of the story came across as us bashing bicycles and that is not the case in Memphis. We get along well with those two-wheeled things.

During the whole shoot, I think only one person took a hard fall and of course they caught that then magnified it so the world could see someone falling. They got some good shots of our youngest rider hopping up onto a log then riding along the log.

Overall, I would say it was a good representation of Mountain Unicycling in the Memphis area. We don’t have any mountains so we do the best we can with the hills we have.


It’s neat they spent so much time on it. Every time I’ve seen tv crews work they’ve been really fast, just getting the minimum to put something passable together.

Is it available anywhere online? Have a copy you could post?

The media in general does not set out to distort the truth, but they know they have to hold the viewer’s (or reader’s) interest. Because of this (and because the media workers get jaded very quickly) they tend to highlight the dramatic (the one hard UPD) or the provocative (comments about bicyclists). This tends to present most stories as more dramatic and provocative than they actually are. This media-driven effect seems minor in your situation. Glad you are happy with the overall story.

Try this link to the story.

They put a question mark in the web address and I think that is causing problems getting a direct link. Somebody apparently noticed the problem before I did and posted the short link above.

Or, you can find the link at and click it from there.

BTW, they renamed us the Memphis Unicycle Group. We are the Memphis Unicycle Club.

cool piece!

haha, just figured out I have to actually click the play button. The video has that loading-type animation going on it all when it’s not playing so I had been waiting for it to finish loading and start playing…

I liked the way the didn’t say what it was right away, just started showing extreme closeups with the voiceover. Nice break from the regular news story format.