MUC in the news again!

Once again the Memphis Unicycle Club has made its way into the press (though just a mention) and a pretty cool photo. This photo, too will be appearing in a book about Tennessee in photographs during one 24 hour period.

Here is the link to the article:,1426,MCA_518_2426254,00.html



Re: MUC in the news again!

Hey, congrats to you and the MUCsters. That photo is very nice. It is exactly the kind that makes its way into such books; people doing their thing framed in an epic background.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


You are doing a great job at promoting unicycling with MUC. I’m sure most of the press you get is do to your efforts at keeping the club activities visible as well as notifying the press of key events.

My only complaint to you is that MUC is too far away from me! Keep up the good work!

Bill in PA

That design is on a parking lot for a church. Could you imagine trying to park in a lot where the parking lanes are painted in a maze like that?

Good Job guys great photo op.

Never mind trying to park, it’s the one way system to find the way out that’ll confuse everybody… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words of support.

This photo op was as a result of a tiny, little notice in one of the local weekly, non-main stream newspapers. In each edition there is a section of the paper, buried deep in the back, telling the community of various gatherings around town. The photographer who was assigned to work on the 24/7 photo project noticed the club’s posting and, low and behold, there we are. The photo was taken at one of our regularly scheduled practices. Sometimes the tiniest little seed reaps a huge harvest

The club is just about a year and seven months old now and most of the community is very aware of our presence. We’ve had some great success (and a lot of luck) in getting press coverage and public exposure. This esoteric and very diverse group is now being referred to locally, simply, as the MUC. You know you’ve arrived when people know you by your initials or by your first name. You know, like Ringo or NASA. I love being out on the local trails and hearing the approaching bicyclists say, “Hey, the MUCsters are up ahead!”


That is a great photo.

It’s no surprise you’re group is doing so well. You have so much energy it makes me tired just to watch.

Re: MUC in the news again!

phil wrote:
> Never mind trying to park, it’s the one way system to find the way out
> that’ll confuse everybody… :slight_smile:

<wind up>
That would make sense, John mentioned that it was a church car park and
we all know that these religious cults don’t like anyone trying to get
</wind up>

ob uni: I had a dream about gliding last night. That was fun.

Danny Colyer (catch the cow to reply)
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