MUC Family Camping-UNI Trip

On Friday, May 21st, many of us will be heading up to Dickson, TN and to Montgomery-Bell State Park for a weekend of family camping and uni fun. Bring the entire family for this event. This is a beautiful state park and there is plenty to do. We will be driving up to the park from Memphis after work and stopping to eat (in Jackson, TN area?) along the way. I have been told that several MUCsters are driving up on Saturday. This is a very casual gathering. Just come on up and play with us. There are several that are driving down from Nashville (2 – 6) and a couple coming from Atlanta. This is a regional uni gathering. This will leave the entire day open for playing on Saturday. If you like, you can just drive up on Saturday and even return that night. However, we are trying to get together a pot-luck dinner for Saturday night. I’m taking the MUC trailer and will set-out the trials gear. Whether you are a unicyclist, hiker, biker, or just like want to read a book in the woods, you will have a great time.

Everybody is welcome to join us!

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