Mtv Unicycle thingy

Haha i found one on ebay!

Its so stupid…

Yes, yes it is. But those guys in the vid are pretty good lol.


that was the dumbest thing ive ever seen

Well the video is pretty stupid, but I sorta like the uni thing. Looks like it would be fun.

I’m pretty sure that it was a joke. Still stupid though.

Like a fat chick. Fun to ride until your friends see. That does look like it was a dark time in MTV’s history though. In the vid that guy’s goggles crack me up. Also the fact that it has pegs, and the phrase “your MTV mind”.

Its not a joke…Its real dude.

that looks so kool lol. You can buy really old ones on ebay for like 10 bucks.

They look fun lol.
wouldnt want my friend seein me on it.

i wish i had that. all my friends would see me ride it and think i was bad ass

That almost looks like this. Here’s the link