Mtn Biking & Muni @ Gunstock, NH

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining for the first time in a week, and it was time for a ride!
My friend Josh and I arrived at the hill around 1pm, and as the last time we’d gone riding I’d slowed him down by riding the muni (my bike had a flat) I felt t’was only fair to ride the bike. We took a pretty decent trail, involving pushing the bikes up a good long access road that goes to the top of the old rope-tow (at one time the longest one in North America, before the chairlift was invented). The access road was very very loose and rocky, combined with the steepness and the crappy tires on our bikes made for a ood push :wink:
At the top we rested by a cell phone tower or something, before pushing on to the singletrack.
The track was very fun, rocks, boulders, not too difficult either. Initially I was nervous about some of the drops, before I realized that I’d roll them in a second on my uni. That helped :wink: After some awesome views, and fun riding, the singletrack comes out on to the ski hill, and the ride goes down a very loose rocky access road, if you can call it that. A little wider than an ATV, it was steep and fun… and fast! Very very fast… Scarily fast.
Well, after we got to the bottom, we realized we had plenty of time to do it again :smiley: This time, I brought the Muni :D:D:D This was an excellent decision, for a couple of reasons, like pushing half a bike up the first segment is much easier than the whole bike :wink:
The trail was about as difficult on one wheel as it was on two. The biggest problem was that I started off not drinking enough water. I had been drinking enough, but once I put my pads on at the top for the singletrack, I needed to drink more water. A little dehydration forced me to walk more than I wanted to, but it was still awesome fun :smiley:
The access road down was also very fun, loose and fast, I was pedalling about as fast as I could go, and even then I was sliding down some bits… Probably about a mile and a half down hill. Brakes? I don’t need no stinking brakes :wink:
Anyone who goes by Gunstock in Gilford, NH, check it out. $5 for an all day trail pass, and trails ranging from dirtroad to singletrack :slight_smile:

sweet ur high up there! Sounds like a fun time! I should do that up my ski hill. :sunglasses:

It helps when they actually have Mountain Bike trails posted at the hill :wink: I wish I’d gone earlier in the summer, ‘cause I leave for school Sunday and won’t have a chance to go back :’(

What a small world. I live about 10 minutes from gunstock. I got my uni last week so I havnt been up there yet though. It should be nice up there in the fall.

DUDE! 10 min? Wish I’d known that, I just spent the entire summer at my parents place, which is 30 min from Gunstock. I’ll prolly be back there in a few weeks… Depends on the price of Gas :wink:

That would be cool, although with gas being around $3.30 its not cheap. If you head back leave a message.