Mtl Street vid #2 : Secret Riders

i liked it, pretty good stuff…

Cool, I liked Hugo’s grind up that rail and 540 down the 4 set.

wouhou , love it , hugo your 5-4 over the 4 sets is amazin":smiley:
i like all your tricks lol

That was great! Hugo I loved the fakie to 360 over the 3 set! Awesome Antoine and Roamus!

Sweet stuff, but when do I get to see Hugo do the one footed seat out backflip!!!

Ahah ! How do you know that !? I’ll film it once I can land it in a flat line. Oh and Isaac, it was a 4 set by the way.

Thank you for your comments so far guys ! Roamus and Antoine did a great job.


Oh dear did I say 3 set…I meant to say 4 but my finger must had missed the 4…Haha

Great video. Awesome 540.

:sunglasses: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Raomus - your segment was definately MUCH better than any of your previous vids:) IMO.

Hugo - creative use of the fountain :sunglasses:

When filming your one foot coasting with Alez at the sweet street spot ? I couldn’t land it starting from the pedals…

I am injured right now, so out of riding, but once I’m back on my uni, I’ll work on it to get it on tape.


thanks, I practice hard.

Just went out of the hospital, I got a sprain, I tried a handrail of 6stair, and I did the same thing has Kevin Mcmullin at the end of his video “if and only if”
ouch :astonished: