vote for Uni Video

Just an old video of my that got pick for this months top best video. you can vote for it. To win I have to beat the other three videos in votes i hope it gets one vote lol. the other video are all biking i dont think i stand a change.

Thanks if you vote
the main site

my video


Well made. Looks very similar to another of yours I’ve seen (same?).

I gave you 5/5

so far you’re averaging 4/5 out of 34 votes. I don’t think they’ve seen any vids of KH:p:D

Thanks, I have made two videos with the same footage. i was bored. im going to be making a new one with the KH24 this year:D .

wow nice vid, very easy to watch. you definatly need a bigger wheel. good riding, keep it up.

I detest muni with a 24". When I say muni, I mean really steep downhill with drops. Anything that isn’t this is kinda boring. To each his own.