MTB'ers discovering 36" wheels

Here’s an interesting thread from the forums, on their discovery of 36" wheels & components for mountain bikes:

36" mountaind bike riders? More like raving mentalists… lol. It would be fun to try! (those bikes do look very hot)

I don’t have time to read all the way throuhg that thread atm, but one of those tyres looks like a TA with hand cut grooves in it, what is the other?
I’m, sure all the 36erers out there will be interestred in this… let alone me here with my measly(sp-tired) 29er - lol (I love it really…).

I wonder if anyone made any snide comments about the pic of the KH29 posted. Was that you that posted that, unisk8r?

what kind of tire has he got on there?

EDIT: I figured it out, on the second page he said it’s TA tire that he cut up. They’re talking about the new Nimbus Rim and Tire too.

Here’s the original guy’s thread on And here’s his thread on grooving the Wheel TA tire.

I’ve seen MTBers experimenting with 36" wheels before. Pretty darn cool tho.

Naw, I just randomly found that thread from a link on another cycling forum.

I thought you meant they’re trying out cokers. It looks fun, but QU-AX beat them to it with the monster bike