MTB races in upstate NY - Muni allowed!

I munied in a MTB race last xmas eve which took place in Central Park in Schenectady, NY. This is near Albany, NY, 2.5 hours N. of NYC, 3 hours W. of Boston, 2.5 hours S. of Montreal.

This year, the same race organizer has posted a series of these 2 hour endurance events on

These races are on a 3-4 mile course, and you do the most laps you can in 2 hours. Since most MTB races only allow unicycles (if at all) some small distance in the beginners’ race or some such, these races offer a good, tiring amount of riding for your buck.

So there’s a race April 8, which I, cannot, unfortunately, attend, and another April 15, in which I’ll definitely be racing my muni.

I just thought I’d put it out there for anyone who’d be interested. It’s not very technical, but there are plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns, and they were psyched to have unicyclists enter.

Hope to see some of you NJ, NYC, Long Island (Adam!), Mass., PA, VT, QU folks there!

Oh darn, I can’t make it unfortunately. That would have been great. Keep us posted on any others coming up!

Grrr, just as my local races have been cancelled :(… why doesn’t somebody invent a teleport machine?
Good luck anyway Steve :slight_smile:


:D24 or 29"?

Wasn’t the fastest rider on a 24" last year?

I only have a KH29, and my friend Roland has a KH24. Last year he did one more lap than I did. If we switched unis, I think the results would be the same.


edit: actually, i’ll be in north bay that weekend, dang

I was attempting to hide the identity of the slower rider :roll_eyes:

OMG! Especially Ontario riders! That was such an obvious given that I forgot to include it! Please forgive me, oh master of the Lifestyles team.

you’re lucky i don’t have time to take you out of the special features

I’d pay you to take me out. I’m embarassed by my hackery and skilllessness and I have no desire for it be DVDed all over the world.

that costs $4000, CDN or US, I’m easy

Obviously, I choose $4000 CDN.

actually, having everyone in the world see your sloppy riding is worth $4000 to me, sorry, you stay

actually, haveing everyone in the world see your sloppy riding is worth $4000 to me, sorry, you stay

Boy oh boy, twisting the knife and salt in the wound. You’re ruthless.

I’m sure we can find a way to patch that wound up nicely


Don’t forget - this Sunday morning in Schenectady, NY!

I’ll be there

Oh man…i’m in Oswego, NY. So thats only what? an hour away? I want to go so bad, but I only have my 20" trials…I’d feel too out of place.

Unfortunately this Sunday, 4/15/07 race is cancelled due to inclement weather.