MTB Challenge

Off Road Unicycling!? Now that sounds fun! Where can I learn more about it? Any
special requirements for the unicycle, other than a knobbie tire?


> MTB Challenge, 16/18/19 July 1995,
> 70 miles off road, racing against mountain bikes is hard work. It is also
> great fun. The event was the MTB Challenge near Pickering in the North
> Yorkshire Moors National Park. It was not a full Polaris Challenge event as we
> were not forced to carry camping gear (and the temperatures were above zero)
> and returned to the same camp site each night. …

Re: MTB Challenge

Roger I would love to buy one of your light weight unicycles. Would you make
them commercialy, or make to design avaiable to one of the specialist
manufactures ?.

Shaun Arundell