Mt. Wilson

Descending from Wilson, above Pasadena, Calif. Around 12 miles long, most of the single track carved onto the side of mountains so it feels like riding a long ass skinny. Fanatastic ride but I blew out my ankle and might be out for CMW (trying a little tech muni on the KH 29). I love that rig but till an actual DH 29er tire comes out I’ll probably just keep getting racked up.

Josh has a few more shots showing the super exposed stuff.


Wilson 1.jpg

Wilson 2.jpg

Wilson 4.jpg

Wilson 5.jpg

Wilson 6.jpg

Wilson 8.jpg

Wilson 9.jpg

Wilson 10.jpg

Great ride covering five singletracks! The trail skinnied down to centimeters in many spots with lots of potential for cliffdiving. The trail progression went Upper Merrill, Castle Canyon, Lowe Railbed, Sunset Ridge, Altadena Crest. There’s lots of potential for mix-and-match here. Bummer with JL’s ankle. Hopefully he’ll still make it to CMW!

Gallery link:

John in Castle Canyon:

Inspiration Point, about halfway down to the LA basin:

Don at the top, against a backdrop of the Angeles high country:


Awsome pictures

Looks like an exciting and breath taking ride.

Is this a trail I can do on my own, like hike up and ride down, or is it really only doable as a shuttle. I kinda like the idea of hiking or riding UP, instead of just driving to the top and riding down only. Anyway, I’d appreciate directions thanks!

I usually ride up and ride down. It’s over 8 miles up the fireroad option with more than 5000’ of climbing though. The shuttle option is also heinous, requiring 40 minutes of driving each way. Directions are on most local mountain bike sites, look for Middle Merrill Trail.

Cool thanks!

Really sweet looking singletrack, thanks for the pics, Fruita here I come.

Wow, gentlemen. It was an awesome day in LA for views. The wind had blown out the smog, yesterday. I was driving east to Studio city on the 101 and saw those mtns crystal clear.

That’s one gnarly trail. Those narrow spots would get me walking. A bit too heady for me, I am afraid. But, sounds like you had fun, and you got out to try something different from the same old trails.

Bummer about John’s ankle.

I hope it can improve enough to ride at CMW! Be well.

c - ya

Wow! Inspiring pictures! They are great, except for JL’s ankle.

Man what a trail!! You guys have brass balls riding the narrow tracks. Great pics.