Mt. Wilson Toll road for breakfast & Mt. Baldy road for lunch

Mt Wilson Toll Road is 100% rough gravel, and has a vertical climb of 4797’. The distance is 9.4 miles with a average grade 9.7%. The top elevation is 5,710’ and the FIETS Index (Dutch rating system for hill climbing difficulty) is 14.9. As a comparison Mount Ventoux 12. 5, Alpe d’Huez 9.14, both in France. Stelvio in Italy is 15.5 and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire is 17.7. Mt. Baldy rd is rated as one of the hardest climbs in So Cal. and was used recently in the Amgen Tour of California. I rode the top 5 miles of Mt. Baldy rd. which gains 2500’ vertical and has sustained sections of double digit grades, highest being 15% grade. Average grade for this top section where the climb is really known for is about 9%.
After an amazing morning on the Mt.Wilson toll rd; riding it both up and down on my 29er unicycle, I decided I should back it up with the Mt. Baldy rd. climb. They are a short drive from each other. The weather was perfect for both rides, although the air quality on Mt. Wilson was not what I am use to. Views from the top of Mt. Wilson were spectacular. I could see the big buildings of LA through the haze, but not Catalina Island which I was hoping to see. The ride down was smooth and fun on the 29er uni, no brakes. The top 3 or so miles of Mt. Baldy have a nice steep grade; the inside of the switchbacks are crazy steep. Made it to the base of the ski area which is a ghost town, looks like it has been deserted for years. That, along with the super dry landscape, were obvious signs of the sustained drought; all the reservoirs are bone dry. The legs were felling it but I still found enough energy to ride down the steep road, through the cute town of Mt. Baldy, and finish where I had parked the car.
The two rides combined in one day was a fun challenge for me. I was super stoked to do back to back big climbs/descents . Riding new terrain is always awesome, especially on the unicycle. Total ascending and descending for the day was 14,400’ a big number for an old solar guy like me. Oh yeah, solar business brought me to the area, so I had to bring the uni! Life is great, get out and ride.

That’s great, Mike!
Let us know next time you’re going to be in the area, and we can get a few guys together to ride along. (At least one local rider that I know of was riding Mt. Wilson yesterday.)
Great photos, as always! Cheers!

awesome pics as usual!

“…the FIETS Index (Dutch rating system for hill climbing difficulty)…”

I’m amused that the Dutch would have a system for hill climbing difficulty, given the notoriously flat terrain in the Netherlands. :slight_smile:

Great ride aspenmike!

Sounds great! Haven’t ridden up Mt Wilson yet but we have shuttled up and ridden down the single track several times now and it’s heaps of fun. Will have to add these climbs to my list of to do’s. Next time if you want a riding partner, let me know and I’d be more than happy to do it with you!

Great! You’re a true inspiration!