Mt. Washington Results

Huge congrats to the unicycle finishers on Mt. Washington. Their accomplishment is awesome!

The results are now posted at:

Our unicyclist guys’ results (out of 561 finishers):

Mike Tierney: 1:45:28, 399th place
Ben Plotkin-Swing: 2:00:12, 495th place
Joe Merrill: 3:00:00, 559th place

Congratulations guys, great job. Now I’m looking forward to the personal write ups.

That is just unreal! Great job guys. Mike I am pretty certain you are not of this planet. That is just crazy how fast you went up that mountain.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Unicyclist results have been fixed!

Hey - the unicyclist results have finally been corrected and credit given where credit is due!

and then click on the left on “Unicycles”