Mt. Washington race underway NOW!

Hi all -

Right now, as of 7:55AM, three of our forum brethren are cranking their way to the top of Mt. Washington. Aspenmike from Aspen, CO, Ben Plotkin-Swing from Boston, and Joe Merrill from NYC are all humping their way up 7.6 miles, and climbing over 4700 vertical feet.

Having done some smaller mtn climbs, I can tell you, the effort they’re expending is HUGE.

I can’t wait to see how they do.

Sending positive energy…go guys!

i did that once

On a unicycle or a bike?

Any updates? Do you have Cellphone contact with them? Looking forward to some after action reports.

I don’t have contact w/any of the racers.

Gawd! I’m dying for news about our uni boys.

Also curious if Tyler Hamilton or Ned Overend broke the two-wheel record.

I thought that Tyler showing was a joke, rumor at the least. Isn’t he banned from racing? Or is that only proffesional competition.

Looks like Tyler Hamilton did make it. Glad to see he is riding. I hope he can vindicate himself in September.

Yup, Tyler Hamilton was there: