Mt Washington race registration starts soon

Is anybody else still thinking about doing the Mt. Washington auto road race this summer? It was discussed a few months back in this thread:

I’m pretty excited about doing this ride, although it may end up being brutal. I went and rode my 29er up some hills during the worst of the recent blizzard to practice for the conditions we might get on the mountain.

Anyway, I’m planning to register as soon as registration opens on Feb 1st. Registration is expensive, but they allow you to reduce from your registration fees any pledges you can gather for the conservation orginization that runs the race. Speaking of which, if anybody wants to donate to an orginization that does conservation work in the white mountains area, and support a unicyclist in the race at the same time, I’ll be looking for pledges once I’m signed up.


Would a 24x3 Muni with 170mm cranks be particle. Or would a Coker with longer cranks be better? I only have 125,140,and 150cranks right now. What cranks do you think would be best for the steep grades?

I think the race would be ridable on a 24x3. I’m planning on taking a 29er. I haven’t decided on crank length or tire selection yet, though.


Did you sign up? I signed up on Tuesday. The registration is already more than half full.

It would be cool if we could get a few more riders.


Where it be?

Mount Washington in NH.

If anyone from near me goes I’ll go.

Here’s a good, long article about the race in Outside Mag.

Well, I just registered.

Anyone else in?

You’re nuts.

That may very well be.

I’m heading out to go ride up some hills in the snow at 1 AM…

I hope that you are able to complete the race.
It is one thing to “practice hills”, it is another to climb for 8 friggin’ miles!
I know that you are a good rider - you will be even better if you train enough to make it to the top. You did read the article describing the wind, right?


What a monster ride! I couldn’t imagine doing it, but cna see you pulling it off. Train hard and give it your best. I’m sure there will be some press coverage for you. :slight_smile:


Wow, Ben, that looks like a painful challenge, but one I’m confident you’ll rise to. That was a great article, and I look forward to reading this year’s version featuring you.

That advice at the end about not looking up is priceless. Not that it even remotely compares in challenge, but I learned that lesson two years ago at CA muni weekend during the Auburn ride. Once the climbing trail turned into road, I kept thinking the top was going to be just around the next corner. Then the next corner got there and there was just another climb and another corner. After about 20 of those, I was ready to pull over and weep.

Enjoy the rock pile. Once you’ve conquered the uphill on uni in summer, you should go hike Tuckerman’s in the spring and try the downhill on snow muni.

I have been thinking about this challenge occassionally throughout the day, and even though I am not going, I am nervous!
My imagination has run wild as though somehow I will be a part of this “race” and that I am wholly unprepared. Strange. I am nervous for you . . . kinda like a husband that get symptoms during his wife’s pregnancy . . .
um, nevermind. :roll_eyes:

Has anyone uni’d Tuckerman Ravine? I’ve boarded it, but never uni’d :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support. I’m really excited about this ride. I just talked to my manager at REI, and it sounds like the store might pay for my entry fee. There is also a grant I’m going to apply for that would get me $300 worth of equipment if I recieve it.

I’m setting three levels of challenge for myself for this race.

1 (do-able): Complete the race

2 (should be a good challenge): Beat the current unicycle record of 2:18:50

3 (always aim high): Complete the race in “top notch” time. That is, in under 1:20:00

I better keep training…

Joe: Good to see that you’re going to do this race. You’ve been thinking about this for awhile, how have you been training for it? Really great to see one of our older riders going for this ultimate challenge.

Train hard and when you get near the top and some of the 2 wheelers are popping wheelies because of the grade, you’ll already be on 1 wheel cruising ahead of the pack. Advantage Unicyle.

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Held by…?