Mt. Washington (NH) Auto Road Hillclimb

Have any unis done this race?

7.6 miles with an average grade of 12% (i.e., climb of almost a mile),
extended sections of 18% grade, and last 50 yrds at 22% grade.

Record is 50:21.

No one is allowed to ride back down!

This year the race is Sat Aug 24, but it appears to be sold out.
Practise ride is Sun July 21, 5:30-7AM.

I would imagine that a uni might actually have an advantage here,
due simply to less weight to pull up the hill. A giraffe might also
be able to ‘nose out’ another rider!

Who would “want” to ride down?

I would… maybe not on a uni well not on my uni I dont have a brake. But on a road bike or a MTBike that would be alot of fun.