Mt. Venice

Me and John Long (vivalargo) got together today (7/5/07) to do “coker muni” at mt venice; that idea died fast as john’s first drop bent his nice 175mm black widow cranks like taffy!:frowning: So we did a bunch of lines and drops on our munis.

After much consternation, I landed my biggest drop yet, at 5’10" with a downward rollout, although it sure doesn’t look that big in the video…what else is new eh? Anyway, just a couple 50+ year old old guys out there having a blast!

PS: I left my Sony Mavica by accident so wwho found it hoever found it is going to be very happy! :astonished: Whatever, I can’t cry about it; I needed to buy a new small, more compact still cam anyway.:o

Sucks about the cranks. I bent mine doing Muni on my coker too, but its fun, and fast. =p

Muni lines were pretty Sweet. Didnt even have my speakers on (They are broke, bought a surround sound system a few days ago) but the video was good enough for me.

Keep it up.

Thanks Jerrick. Yeah I can’t wait for CMW when they do cokr muni! But I think 152’s will be less likely to bend than the 175’s John was using since they are so long I think they can bend easier. I also think I’ll be taking at least 2 pairs of 152’s!

I think its time for a splined coker hub/ crank set!

what was the thing you were ridding on? looked good fun, nice switch landings

looks like fun!!